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Northwest Multi-gun Challenge

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Good match. :cheers:

I'd like to make a request in the rules that HM do away with:

8.4.2 Shotguns cannot use reduced recoil slugs, minimum 500 power factor.

Neither the of the two biggest IMGA matches (SMM3G and RM3G) or USPSA require this.

8.4.3 Pistols shall be .44 or larger or make minimum 175 power factor. (Single stack guns and revolvers are


I can see the reasoning for this... but if you have to have a PF how about the standard 165?

I'd rather not have to load different rounds or buy different slugs for this match. I know the match is special and all... but it would be nice if the rules were more like the other matches.

Thank you for your consideration.

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SMM3G went to allowing .40 cal guns and no polymer frame, read no Glocks. So yeah, I wouldn't call that heavy metal. And mouse fart slugs in a HM division, nope, I don't think that is what the division was designed for either. I've seen lots of guys use B&P slugs in HM. These things won't even function 95% of autoloaders they're so light, but they're perfect for "heavy metal" As far as the pistol, it should be higher. It's a different Division, like super major

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Just so ya know. Every match, every shot, major caliber and then some. 308 Rifle Georgia Arms 168's and Nato Ball. Pump PMC and or Fiocchi Full power slugs. 45acp CCI 230 Blazer Ball.

I have performed.....let us just say OK with the combinations.

I do feel that CHRONOGRAPHING ought to be employed at ALL MAJOR matches. Either you is or you ain't MAJOR!

I find it ODD that full power slugs are REQUIRED and nothing is verified. I hate the dam things in a pump gun!!!!

How about we just use what IPSC uses. 520 PF for shotguns. Major is major.


(if i tried i bet i coulda made major use of the word MAJOR)

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Don't you guys see a problem with having to reammo/retool in HM depending on what match you have to shoot?

HM shooters have to pony up more $ for ammo and have to put up with more recoil as it is. Why does this match have to make things more difficult and even more expensive? :lol:

I mean look at SMM3G with their pistol rules. How many people liked it when they allowed .40 and only allowed 1911's? If a number of people didn't like that... why is this match basically doing the same thing by going against what the majority of the other matches do?

How about some consistency? Isn't having more shooters participating by having less roadblocks a good thing?

...Oh well.

Remington Managed Recoil slugs say they do 1200 fps. 1200x437.5/1000=525pf. Can I use these slugs since they (may) make PF out of my gun? Or just because they are "managed recoil" I can't use them?

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