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PARA 9mm


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Hi guys just spit balling here but I have a .357 sig Para that I'd like to use as a 9mm, can I get a 9mm top end and run it on the .40 frame (9mm mags work ok in the frame)? Is there any reason thats not possible?  


Looking for cheapest easiet option, going to be a LO type division gun

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make sure the ramp is correct on the barrel. but best bet would be to find a para brand top end from same generation so you dont end up with lock up , ramp and barel link fit issues.
1911's are not plastic fantastics and arnt gonna be plug and play mixomatics like you can get away with from other more recent guns all made by same people on same machines.. 1911's are made all over the world with various tooling . So dont be surprised if things dont fit at first.

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