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Is there a Better Quality, Brighter replacement fiberoptic rod or are they all the same?

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I just noticed during my annual safe cleaning sessions that one of my 1911 pistols is missing it's fiberoptic front sight rod.

I can't recall which brand/make/model of front sight it is.


I've got to figure out what diameter rod it houses


I was wondering whether all replacement fiberoptic rods are of the same quality or are there perhaps preferred makers?


I would very much appreciate your help and guidance. Thank you

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Most are either .040” or .060”. Most Dawson sights are .040 and the ones on Springfields are .060”. True Glo and Dawson are good and bright and I know you can order a long piece from Dawson and just cut to fit. Theirs takes a fair amount of heat to melt so it may be better if you’re having problems with the muzzle blast melting them. You could use the end of a drill bit to measure the hole. 

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1 hour ago, wanttolearn said:

good to know, thank you.


a neighbor thinks he might have some smaller drill bits so perhaps tonight i shall know the size i need. it looks like a pretty thin caliber

Typical front sight is either 1mm or 1.5mm. 

If you post a picture, I’ll bet we could guess. 

Allen keys can also be used to measure instead of drill bits. 


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Yes, there are different sorts of "fiber" on the market, from injection-molded rods of orange or green transparent plastic to actual fluorescent fiber optic (if you crush a bit, it turns into smaller strands).  IME the harder it is to melt the more likely it is to be true fiber.


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2 hours ago, wanttolearn said:

Shred, interesting....i will try to read the descriptions prior to purchase, hopefully they will differentiate accordingly.

JCN,, thank you but i think i've narrowed it down to 1 mm

1mm is most common, I usually drill out to 1.5 to get more light. 

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