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  1. Good grip. Not as aggressive as the PT but just right if you don't like aggressive.
  2. Was using AutoComp for a while on a 124gr PD bullet. Earlier this year switched to CFE Pistol. Had to go .1gr higher charge than autocomp. For me recoil impulse was less and cleaner powder.
  3. Recently got a couple boxes of 124 gr 9mm. They are plated. So far so good. Weight and dimensions are consistent.
  4. Use an old toothbrush and alcohol to clean surface and let dry. Then use heat gun to warm up the grip and tape. The heat on tape will make it more pliable for the curved surfaces. Sometimes the edges don't stick well, I'll use Slow Jet glue in those spots. It still allow tape to come off without ruining grip later.
  5. After wet tumbling and rinsing of the brass, I blow them them with air compressor to blow most of the water away. Then lay them on a towel for a day before loading.
  6. From Naples your not too far from some east coast matches outside of Miami and north. Check out http://gunmatchadvisor.com/filter for FL.
  7. I use One-Shot Sonic Cleaning Solution for cartridge cases. A few drops is all that is needed. Wet tumble for 1.5 hrs and inside and out is super clean. Using Dawn would take 2 - 2.5 hrs. After separating brass from the pins and rinsing the brass, I use an air compressor to blow off the extra water, then lay out on a bath towel. All dry in a couple hrs.
  8. I emailed Dawson and they recommended the .225x.100 for the front sight. It's been perfect with no adjustment to rear. Hit POA. For sight tool I went with Fisher Solutions XL tool: http://www.sightpusher.com/New--XL-Tool.html
  9. For paper, I bought a bunch of these: http://letargets.com/estylez_item.aspx?item=IPSC-P
  10. Last ones I bought were from Make Ready Pro shop cuz they had them in stock. These are stippled. http://www.makereadyproshop.com/accurate-iron-stippled-m-p-backstrap-full-size-9-40/
  11. Ionbond from Springer Precision.
  12. Mostly Bayou. Have tried BBI and BlueBullets. When loading BlueBullets, you do get a blue residue on your fingers. They all shoot great though.
  13. Love the 135gr Bayou's. Good compromise between the 124 and 147. I load 3.3 of TG at 1.137 OAL for XDm 5.25. Gets me 132PF.
  14. IMO, the best bang for the buck is the Comp-Tac International. Kydex holster that comes with 3 belt mounts - Belt, Paddle, and DOH. For mags, I like the Ghost 360. Allows you to use it for different magazines.
  15. ^^ This. 3 of my mags I'm actually able to get 21 in.
  16. Was having the same issue and it was my grip but was caused by my support hand. I'm a right handed shooter with thumbs forward grip. My left hand rides high on the grip which causes the back of my left thumb to ride on the slide stop. I replaced with Springer's slide stop which fixed my issue without changing my grip.
  17. I just received my BOSS hanger a few days ago. Definitely won't fit the ELS belt but I'm using it on my Bladetech belt anyway. I'm looking at getting another and going to try and fit it to a the QLS mounts. Looks like some minor cutting will line up the holes. This is way I can use the belt for different guns. The other way to do it is to remove the outer plate and bolt it directly to belt.
  18. 3 o'clock for me also as I also compete in IDPA and Production. Makes my draw consistent.
  19. I've run both and prefer the sand grip tape on my competition XD's. I feel a better grip during the summer time in Florida. I put the rubber ones on my carry guns.
  20. How many rounds did the mags go through till you started having problems? Just curious to know when I should look at replacing mine. Thanks
  21. I'm right handed shooter and 95% of the time I'll shoot left to right. 1 reason is most stages you transition to next position for next set of targets. During the transition it forces me to make sure the gun is pointed down range. It also helps in the reload when I grab the new mag and tilt the run to the mag. I don't want to make the mistake and break 180 if I'm moving from right to left. Another reason is when facing up range. On the beep I turn clockwise and pivot on my right foot which keep the gun in the same spot during my draw. The first target I see is the left.
  22. I also use the CAEK kit for my 9 Pro. Huge difference. I did keep the stock striker spring though. I was getting some light primer hits. Was told to put the stock back in, and now no more issues.
  23. That website doesn't have any info, really, about anything......No prices, no pics, no info about what comes in the kit......... Is it all custom work? Do you have to send in the gun? Give him a call or email him. Great guy to talk to. He'll explain everything and how his works. No, you don't have to send in your gun if you don't want to.
  24. Started using Titegroup for 45 as it was mostly available. Didn't like the results I was getting. I would also get powder residue on my arms when shooting. Switched to Clays and never looked back, works great. Luckily I still have some Clays but won't last long. In my area TG has mostly been more available. I'm seeing 4756 but I see/read mixed reviews about it so I haven't tried it.
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