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Optic visuals


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Anyone have a picture of romeo 1 pro, DDP 6moa or other ones, and the golosun optic next to each other? As you would look through them while shooting. I'm trying to decide what optic to get to replace my STS2 and for my 2011 commander carry gun. 



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I have both.  I will take a picture tonight.  I like the DPP better for the window size seems bigger.  I think with open this might not matter as much as the dot is less likely to leave the window with a properly tuned open gun.


Something you might want to look into is what the dot does when the gun is fired.  I have overheard some open shooters discuss how the dot looks visually as the gun fires, and some dots are harder to pick up quick due to what the dot is doing during discharge of the gun.  


As for reliability in my research and discussions with other shooters the Romer 1 Pro seems to hold up better than the DPP.  But that was the DPP with the first generation boards.  From the lack of complaining I think the gen 2 boards in the DPP seem to be holding up better.  I do not have enough rounds on my DPPs or my Romeo 1 Pro (which is brand new) to tell you which one would hold up better definitively.  

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