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Considering a 320 Max


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By the way the rules are written, if any P320 with the same grip module makes it on the production list, then any OFM or aftermarket slide/barrel combination is allowed provided they follow remaining rules on milling and porting.


The P320 X5 Legion is on the list and uses the same TXG grip as the P320 Max. Therefore, the P320 Max is legal as its upper is covered by Appendix D7 21.3 at the bare minimum.

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Two of my good friends have purchased a P320Max within the last week, one just yesterday. Both found them for $1,500, at that price and with 4x 21 round magazines that is one of the best deals going for carry optics. Wish I would have known about it when I bought my Legion and put a SRO/Springer precision plate on it. Not to mention three TTI base plate extensions. 

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3 hours ago, GigG said:

Tell me about the triggers from the factory and/or anything you've done with the triggers.


Pretty sure they are the same as in the legions. Still would suggest a GG kit.

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On 8/20/2022 at 2:14 PM, USP45 said:

I have the GG kit but actually went to a +10% trigger spring. I found myself short stroking both of the GG trigger spri gs due to the softer reset. Might be just me, but it helped.


I have that problem myself. I put in the +10% as well. I might try the intermediate though.

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I had two legions before and moved to the max last season - I really like the feel and it sold me on the romeo Max (and XL for my open gun).  


I did the sig armorer trigger and couldn't be happier - spent almost as much in GG, Armory Craft, Keres, and other trigger stuff and didn't get it as nice as the sig armorer trigger.  Definitely go for the +10% trigger spring.  


I haven't fallen in love with the trigger but it's not holding me back based on my splits or placings at my local club matches.  

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