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Tablets Overheating


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8 minutes ago, Chappytactical said:

The sun and heat in the Florida Panhandle has been rough this summer. Besides the Tablet Shades, what else are you guys doing to mitigate your tablets from overheating during a match? We are using the Amazon Fire Tablets. 

Put them in coolers between stage/squads

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There are hard plastic, reusable freezer packs available. Putting one of those in a plastic box, or small cooler, with the pad when it's not being used seems to work well in Flagler County, FL. At the end of the day, just put them back into a freezer, and they'll be good to go next match. I use those in my soft cooler to carry water, and they are great.

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Cheap insulated lunch bag with a blue ice pack in a ziplock bag in there. Keep tablet in there when not in use. Sometimes hold the cold pack against it when using it. 

Yell loud enough the score keeper can stay in the shade. (More people will volunteer to be score keeper)


Always keeping it on, Always having it in the sun. Surefire ways to fry them.

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