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Steel Frame Double Stacks?


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What are the decent steel frame double stacks out there in the 3 to 5k range appropriate for Limited shooting?  I love my 1911s but have yet to find a double stack.  I've handled a couple SVI Infinitys and see listings for Atlas, but really have no idea what's good.  Also I prefer grips with a narrower profile which I know is difficult in double stack.  Thanks!

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Personally, I would not go with Masterpiece Arms.  If first quality semi custom is where you want to be, the Brazos first https://www.brazoscustom.com/sc-limited and Warwick tactical second https://warwicktactical.com/products/outlaw-limited.  Both have smaller than normal poly grips.  The Warwick is smaller and more aggressively textured. 


Both are essentially full custom quality guns that you cannot alter the looks of.  I have Brazos stuff and swear by it.  My buddy bought a Warwick Limited and it is superb.


Atlas is way overpriced.  Akai charges too much for what you get, IMO, but they are great guns.


If you are looking for something custom in the looks department, start with a Brazos short block with Unique slide.  Then you can send it off to whoever does the custom engraving you like.

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