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Winchester 572 for 9 major


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Looks to be slower than the popular powders in 9 major (hs6, ac, cfe, 3n37). Close to blue dot on the burn rate charts I looked at. Granted those don't show by how much...

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I used it in 9 major for a while, it worked just fine with the 115 grain bullets I was running at the time. 

572 is a less dense than HS6 or CFE/WAC, so major loads will have a bit more spillage when indexing (8lb comes in the big jug vs HS6 or CFE that come in the medium) 

in my gun 572 took about 1/2 grain less than HS6

572 burns clean more like CFE/WAC than HS6


I ended up changing to HS6 mostly because it was available when I placed a big order pre covid, I still have an 8LB I will open when I run through the HS6





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Tried 572 shortly after it came out.   Charge weights were similar to Silhouette.  8ish with a 

115, 7.5ish with a 124, OAL 1.175.     Burned clean,  good dot track.  I would run it 9 major if

that was what I had.  I put the data in the book, along with data for 3N37, 3N38, N105,

Silhouette and AA7,   and went back to HS6.    

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