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Titegroup minor load


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On 6/28/2022 at 8:25 AM, DesertTortoise said:

Here is one I tested a while back.

3.1 grains titegroup made 125 PF using .40 180 grain blue bullet. Gun was a tanfoglio limited.

Screenshot_20220628-072346_Digital Link.jpg

Thanks for data!

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17 hours ago, Postal Bob said:

I've loaded 3 gr Titegroup, in an Atlas 1911, for a velocity of 735 fps. But it has a very tight barrel, and shoots all loads much higher than in my 2011's.

Thanks for info!

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I've loaded a low as 2.8g TG with 180g Bayou Bullets for a Glock with KKM barrel.  You need a 13# spring and a very stiff wrist to keep the gun cycling properly.  But it can work.


This load made minor in my G35.  (about 128)

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3 grains Titegroup or 3 grains Red Dot with BBI 180 grain bullets for my 40 minor loads for IDPA out of a P320. I havent chronographed the Titegroup

load but 3.0 of Red Dot is 140 PF. My Dillon powder measure is so consistent at 3 grains that I dont want to mess with it. Recoil at 140 is really low plus I dont have any issues knocking down poppers.

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cant imagine running 180 gr minor,,  be like my old days shooting long range 45/70 when my eyes still worked..  Shoot,,, set gun down, take a break, wait for bullet to hit target. 

I will give you a 40 minor formula that worked for me for many years with many powders and brands of bullets. made things really simple also.
Develop 180 gr major load.
Do NOTHING else but swap to a 155 gr bullet from the same manufacturer. Same charge, same die setting same springs, same everything.
You get a 145 ish pf load that runs and feels about the same in your gun with a bit less recoil and has the same point of impact at 25 yards.


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