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  1. I sometimes shoot NRA silhouette with my Marlin lever action 38/357. Using 38 cases, I tried TG, N320, and Unique, with no appreciable (to me) difference in group size from a rest at 25 yards. These were loaded long to almost 357 cartridge length if that matters. I settled on using Unique, as I had some left over and had no other real use for it. I will use TG or N320 when the Unique runs out. If you use a single stage press, and charge your cases by hand, Unique will fill the case much higher than TG. That is one reason to stick with low density flaky type powders for 38. My loads all came in around 1100 to 1150 FPS with 125g bullets (looking for flat trajectory that didn't dent the targets), so these loads would probably be hotter than you want for USPSA. But to answer your question, I had good success with TG.
  2. Heat gun. I have one. I'm right around the corner...
  3. And I have found I like 147g with 3.4 N320. Best advise we can (and should) offer is to buy a box of 500 of each and try them in two local matches (or range sessions). I found that the gun jumps around less with 147g, and I am not fast enough to take advantage of whatever speed difference the 124g rounds offer. ETA: My MPX gas port is opened up to accommodate low PF loads.
  4. I use One Shot and used to clean all finished rounds after loading. One night, I got lazy, and didn't run them through my dry media cleaner before shooting. It didn't matter. 6 years later, best I can tell, it still has not mattered. This is true with 40 loads in Glocks, 9mm loads in Glocks, and 9mm loads in an MPX.
  5. I've had good luck with both Rainier and Xtreme. I have 3 GSSF wins with my G22 and Ranier, and my current MPX PCC runs Xtreme 124 and 147 round nose very well with very good groupings, with both TG and N320. I'm sure there are other good plated bullets. This is just my experience.
  6. Let's talk about precise vs. accurate. A gun that shoots a 1 inch group which hits 6 inches left of aim is precise, but not accurate. I have two EGW case gauges. They are precise. But with coated bullets, they are not accurate. One day, I intend to try to dremel out, or sandpaper/dowel out, the area where the bullet seats, and see if I can get them to be more accurate.
  7. 0.625. ZRTactical did the work. Shipped on a Friday; had it back in the mail the next Saturday. Excellent service.
  8. Shot close to 300 rounds over 10 stages with absolutely not a single issue the whole match (not a single issue with the gun or ammo, that is...). I am still not sure if I like 124g or 147g better, but these ran fine. As noted above, the gun is a Gen2 with an opened up gas port. Ejects minor loads like they were major.
  9. Agreed. My experience is +0.1-2g for minor loads and +0.2-3g for major loads is about right for TG-to-N320 to start.
  10. Well, I have some new data as of this past weekend at the LA Gator match for the 8" barrel: 124g XTreme plated 4.1g N320 1.120 OAL Fed primers 134PF
  11. I also use the Sig factory holders. As for adjustment, I drilled out the back of them to create the mounting angle I wanted. It was really easy, and if you happen to mess up, just move to the next set of holes and try again.
  12. Been loading at 1.120 to 1.125 with no issues and good groupings with mine.
  13. At minor velocity, I would definitely spend the money to try 500 or so plated bullets before jacketed. I have used coated and plated 9mm and 40 in a multitude of different guns, and I have never had issues with any of them. For reliability, you would likely do best with round nose, especially if you have a picky gun. But try some Xtreme plated. They run through everything I have without issue. My recent 9mm use is with an MPX in PCC. It will make a ragged hole at 50 feet easily with plated bullets. But those rounds run through my Glocks without issue too.
  14. Anyone have any additional suggestions for 8" MPX barrels (Gen 2 with opened up gas port if it matters)? I have a recent SBR build that I just started using, and I am looking for suggestions with 124g/147g bullets (Xtreme plated or Bayou coated) that ring in around 130-135 PF. Titegroup, N320, WST preferred. It seems around 3.0 of TG with 147 should get me there. What about the other combo's? Any help appreciated!
  15. Many years ago, I was watching a football game with my wife and a couple other friends. The camera pans over to the crowd, and someone is holding up a sign that has the letter "D" and a piece of of fence - you know, d-fence? Well, my wife looks at me and asks, what does "D-gate" mean?
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