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Holster/belt for SP-01 or Shadow


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I currently have an SP-01 (threaded barrel and raised sights). Looking to purchase a Shadow 2. 

any recommendations on belt/holsters that would work with both? I’m assuming with the raised sights and barrel on the SP-01 that is probably not possible. 

Recommendations on belt and two holsters I can change out that wouldn’t break the bank?



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Haha fair enough.
I figured I was looking at about $100 for a belt and probably $80-120 for kydex anyway. 

What do others use? Any holsters that work for SP-01 and Shadow?

Ive seen some kydex that can use an attached light so that a threaded barrel or suppressor can still be used? I’m thinking I could then use either pistol as long as I swap the light around?


Edit: just realized the light mounted holster probably wouldn’t be legal for some matches anyway. Guess I’m looking at two holsters that’ll work with one belt. Everything I currently have is for CC. 

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I have separate holsters. Both are made by Blade-Tech, though there are plenty of brands.


Dropping a gun when you're new can be a disaster (ie. you're not allowed to pick it up) so make sure your holster is secure.

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