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  1. One of our local clubs has decided to cancel all matches for the year. It’s crazy.
  2. Has anyone ever complained to USPSA about the lack of privacy? Maybe if everyone asked them to make it private they would?
  3. Personally I wouldn’t change anything if I was driving to a match. But I might think twice if I had to fly somewhere. I’ve always felt planes are just Petri dishes, even before all this hype.
  4. Normally I’d agree with you but at this particular match we had 34 out of 60 listed as “unclassified”. Also like others usually id much prefer a regular stage over a classifier. The one thing I do like about classifiers is it’s a good way to judge if you’ve been improving or not.
  5. Just curious how many of you have shot a level 1 match that didn’t include a classifier stage? Been shooting a few years now and just shot my first match without a classifier stage. Fun match but was kind of bummed since I’m trying to classify for CO.
  6. I think a good question to ask when discussing RD’s is how long does it take for a company to warranty their product. Seems every dot breaks at some point. Which company gets it back fastest might be a deciding factor for some.
  7. Do we know why? Getting CR speed mag pouches on are a major PIA. I also bought a 1.5” belt holder and had to modify it to make it slide on the belt at all.
  8. I like it. Good stuff, but like all ammo not perfect. I had some primer issues. They had me send all 450 rounds back to them for testing and replaced it all for me. They stand by their product, I give them that. Another thread on here showed a cracked case out of the box. I still use it though.
  9. I’ve loaded for my gen4 34 at 1.085 - 1.09 with good results.
  10. I am guessing this is a rule for that particular range. Couple of clubs around here have concrete barrier type walls between stages and were alwsys told if a bullet hits one, we’re going home. Same range has a high muzzle rule which can also get you DQ’d. Sounds like they should explain this better but you’re on the right path if asking them for help to prevent it again.
  11. I was gonna vote leave the rules the same until I read your post. Good point, if other guns can weigh 43oz the why not all of them?
  12. What shop was that? Im in CT, could take a ride!
  13. Finally got my replacement ammo last week. They threw in an extra box.
  14. I’ve never understood why stippling or this treatment isn’t legal on all guns (but grip tape is ok?). Plenty of people stipple/treat their carry guns, so it would still stick to IDPA’s core values. One of those rules that’s makes ya scratch your head but different topic I suppose.
  15. I’ve used a hanks leather belt for 4 years now. Bought it for IDPA but has also become my EDC belt. Still going strong.
  16. Saw those for sake pretty cheap and considered them as well. What didn’t you like? I was concerned the neck piece would bounce around too much during stages.
  17. I’m in the same boat, coming from glocks although I could never get the slide to auto forward, but my strong hand thumb could easily reach the slide release (on my G34). I’ve got a Shadow 1 now that I’m trying to relearn in, will autoforward most of the time but when it doesn’t it really costs me time. As slavex said above, I need to not rely on the autoforward but get used to hitting with weak hand thumb. my buddies have Shadow 2’d and they autoforward when mag is slammed in as well.
  18. Even the Syntech ammo that I run in matches hits 145 PF out of a G34. Where are you guys finding factory ammo that does 130-135PF? I reload and it’s for $ savings (although not that much saving in 9 minor) but also I really like the softer recoil with my own ammo. I’ll be honest though, reloading is a pain in the butt. I’m not one of those guys who enjoys it, to me it’s a chore. Everyone likes to talk about how many rounds per hour they can knock out. They don’t talk about collecting brass on the range, cleaning it, sorting it (by headstamp if you want consistency). They don’t talk about filling primer tubes or case gauging and inspecting every round. Adjusting your machine for different loads. Of course not everyone does all of those things but it’s all a part of reloading and it all takes time.
  19. Careful, I’m not sure what your gun has for a mag release now but extended mag release make your gun not legal in SSP.
  20. Anyone know what’s going on with Grams Engineering? Placed an order for 11 coil springs/followers for CZ mecgar mags 10 days ago. No word. I’ve left messages and emails with no response. I’ve looked around and most other places are out of stock and waiting for resupply. I’ve heard his is the best around but I’m having trouble getting them!
  21. Usually better props, better looking stages. Stages with more options. Most clubs have their own flavor, you ca usually guess how each clubs stages will be. A level 3 will be all the stage designers mixed into one big match. My personal expirence is that there is a bigger diffeeence between local stages vs big match stages in IDPA then there is in USPSA. Also get to see some of the big names in the sport. Last year I ended up squadding with Mason Lane. Was awesome not only watching him shoot but he’s very down to earth and it was awesome chatting with him during the match.
  22. That was actually my original question for them...if the primers in the Syntech were indeed federal primers because that what I reload with and those had no issues. They told me yes they are federal primers but maybe they are different from what I’m buying.
  23. I use the Federal syntech at major matches. Last two matches I used it at I had about 8 FTf’s. Thought it was the firing pin spring in my Glock but it would never happen with my reloads. Contacted them anyways, showed them a pic of a couple of the rounds I was able to find with pretty solid primer hits. They had me send all 450 rounds that I had left from a case back to them for testing. I thought that it was cool they cared. They payed shipping obviously. that was in November. They are supposed to replace the ammo but haven’t had it in their warehouse since.
  24. You’re correct and that’s what the OP is saying I believe, that the gen 3 34 has it but the gen 5 doesn’t, well it kind of does but it’s supposed to be more accurate To the OP, the gen 5’s have different rifling so I could see it making a difference. obviously the barrel length in your 34 will make some difference as well. Are temps the same as when you chronod the 34?
  25. Only the Bluetooth lanyard is rechargeable if I’m reading it correctly. From the page: Each set of Stealth Elites come with two earbuds independently powered by your standard #10 battery, a rechargeable lanyard with Bluetooth capabilities that can connect to your earbuds to play music or talk on the phone, several sizes of foam ear tips to fit with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 28, and several sizes of silicone tips designed for staying in your ear during physical activities.
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