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  1. That sounds like a great idea. I originally had no reservations about several mag changes during a run but after reading a bit on the forums here about planning stages, limited might be a better place for me to start. I’ll also be taking the advice to run my SP-01 to start. Knowing that I can run a match or two without meeting the size requirements is a big plus for me. I can purchase more gear later once I get used to it and figure out what type of matches I’ll be running. I’ll still probably end up with a Shadow at some point. Never thought I’d enjoy the SP-01 as much as I do. Haven’t fired my P320s in months.
  2. Thanks again for the replies. Lots of good info. I typically go through about 5-6k rounds of 9mm in a year. Since purchasing my SP-01 and P210, I’ve been shooting even more 9mm lately. Getting into competitions won’t help me conserve ammo either haha. A 550c plus accessories isn’t much more than I was originally budgeting and seems like a good bet for me. I need to do some more research before making any decisions but I’ll report back with what I end up with. I’ve talked with some of the brass vultures at the local ranges but they’re usually guys who have been reloading for decades and do it for the obscure and expensive calibers. It’s nice to get other opinions and ones that are specific to 9mm. Any other recommendations or advice is always appreciated.
  3. I appreciate the recommendation. I’m seeing 550c 9mm kit for about $500 from Dillon. Not bad. From what I’ve read, my biggest concern should be properly measured powder. Any other tips for a first time reloader?
  4. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve seen various Dillon presses but havent looked into them much, but I will. I was looking at the Lee Pro 1000 9mm kit, seemed like an inexpensive start for doing 9mm only. I see a lot of reviews speak about reliability of reloading presses. Are they talking about parts actually breaking on the press/kit or the produced ammo not being correctly assembled? Like most things in the firearm world, I’m probably going to end up spending more than initially setting out to, but it’ll probably be worth it.
  5. Thanks! Never heard of blade tech, seems like a good inexpensive option.
  6. Very good advice. Thank you! I guess I was assuming that if my gun didn’t fit the box, that I couldn’t run it. If I can run my SP-01 in production, I may still get an SAO shadow for target shooting. It does seem like production is where it’s at for most shooters. I understand the differences in classes based on gear requirements, but I guess I don’t know why I would care if I can run in limited vs production. I’m just trying to get out there and get more practical experience.
  7. Haha fair enough. I figured I was looking at about $100 for a belt and probably $80-120 for kydex anyway. What do others use? Any holsters that work for SP-01 and Shadow? Ive seen some kydex that can use an attached light so that a threaded barrel or suppressor can still be used? I’m thinking I could then use either pistol as long as I swap the light around? Edit: just realized the light mounted holster probably wouldn’t be legal for some matches anyway. Guess I’m looking at two holsters that’ll work with one belt. Everything I currently have is for CC.
  8. I’ve seen component cost has gone up but still available and cheaper than the unavailable factory 9mm at the moment. Also, I’d probably end up buying components in the thousands at a time instead of a case of 9mm just when I’m down to a few hundred left. I’ve thought about getting into it previously, but the low cost of 9mm always kept me from it. If I end up spending more and shooting more, but saving some cash doing it, I’d count that as a win. Any recommendations on equipment? I’ve seen some real cheap kits, but I think I’d be willing to go in for $4-500 if I can make things easier on myself.
  9. Hello, Due to ammo availability and price at the moment, I’ve decided that I need to start reloading. I would most likely only reload 9mm. I shoot mostly 9mm, 5.56, and 22lr so no odd ball calibers that would make reloading really worthwhile. Any advice or equipment recommendation for someone who’s never done it before? Is it really worth it for me to just save some $$$ on 9mm or should I just suck it up and wait til things are back in stock and reasonably priced. im not really looking at experimenting with different loads for competitions, at least not yet. Haven’t run a match yet, so I figured I’d get good with factory or standard loads before experimenting with lighter stuff. thanks
  10. I currently have an SP-01 (threaded barrel and raised sights). Looking to purchase a Shadow 2. any recommendations on belt/holsters that would work with both? I’m assuming with the raised sights and barrel on the SP-01 that is probably not possible. Recommendations on belt and two holsters I can change out that wouldn’t break the bank? thanks!
  11. I have an SP-01 that I had planned on using for competition but recently found out the threaded barrel and raised sights put it over the length/height requirements so I’ve taken this as an excuse to buy a shadow. I’m looking at a Shadow 2 blue DA/SA vs the Shadow 2 SA (also blue). I know that the SA is illegal for production, I’m not sure that bothers me if I can run it in other classes. I enjoy SA shooting with my 1911s and P210. I guess my question is how noticeable are the differences between a Shadow DA/SA and my SP-01? What classes could I run the SAO in? Is it more worth it to have a Shadow SA and later upgrade my SP-01 trigger? General opinions on the two? thanks!
  12. I’m not too far from you. Near Allentown/reading area. You know of any good clubs with regular matches between philly and Lancaster/reading?
  13. Do you mind sharing what you paid? That lil guy should be quite the shooter.
  14. As a newbie, I haven’t run a match yet, but pre-pandemic I would shoot about 500rds of 9mm a month. During this pandemic, I was only shooting about 100rds a month to conserve what I have. Lots of dry firing while working at home. Now, I can’t find ammo at all. Kicking myself for not buying the 30cpr 9mm a month ago. Definitely seen an improvement in my groups but not sure if that’s the practice or just my subconscious need to conserve ammo and shoot better hah! at least 22lr is available and relatively cheap!
  15. I’ve been doing something similar for years. I use the notes app in my phone. I have a separate “note” for each gun. I record the date, conditions, ammo brand, bullet weight, rounds fired. Then, I take a picture of my targets and attach to the note itself. Very helpful for comparing group sizes, my skill improvement, and recording what types and brands of ammo work well in different guns. It’s also nice to print out and include when selling a gun. I think of it like a carfax for guns! Haha
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