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What non magnifying dot or holographic sight for 3 gun rifle?


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What distance are you going out to?


If out to 500+ yards at majors, hard to beat the Vortex Spitfire AR with the BDC turret.  Zero at 200yd.  Hold 0-300, dial as needed for targets farther than that.  First round hits after dialing are faster than a couple misses.  

Has etched reticle with a sharp dot.

Been using it for a couple years.


Leupold supposedly has a similar 1X sight but haven't used it and it costs more as I recall it.


If you are just doing short range matches, the Vortex Huey is pretty awesome.  Very fast, sharp small dot for precise stuff, picking up head shots on Czones at 100 or skinny Sammy targets at 100yds, no problem.

Of course, other great true red dots for short/bay also are out there.  Recommend something with a small dot though, i.e. 2moa

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I don’t own one yet but I’ve read a bunch of reviews and all the sites that sell them seem to have 4-5 star reviews. The new Primary Arms SLx Compact 1x20 Prism Scope - ACSS-Cyclops, wow that’s a long name. The chevron gives a finer aiming point then most other dot style prism sights. It has a etched reticle and is supposedly good to 400 yds with the ACSS reticle. There’s also one from Swampfox optics that is getting great reviews and is just like the Primary arms cyclops with pretty much same features.



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If it's going to be used for three gun,  just Bay shooting get a C-more with a sunshade. But, if you're going out like three or four hundred yards I would get a Mtac-1-4 x 24 with AR reticle. On one power in Bay shooting is like a red dot, But turn it up to 4 in this good to 500 yards I know because I've used mine that way. Just a thought

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