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  1. I have found that KKM hoods are oversized by quite a bit, and 0.030" is not outside the realm of possibility. Like WhiteDingo said, just double check your measurements and go for it.
  2. Just FYI, It looks like some of the screws on your thumb rest/optics mount might be backing out.....they look like they are loose.
  3. Is there no love for the EoTech sights? You can get them with a BDC reticle for .223 or .308...
  4. Fair enough. I was assuming that you would be shooting supersonic ammo, and thus both would be loud. Personally I would still go with the .223/5.56, but I guess we can agree to disagree. If I ever had to shoot someone in my home, I think I would be so jacked on adrenaline I probably wouldn't even notice the noise, not until later anyway. I remember when I used to hunt waterfowl a lot, I could always tell when I was shooting at ducks that were out of range when the shots sounded loud; when the birds were close I was too excited to notice.
  5. Why would you go with 9mm over .223/5.56? The rifle is going to have better stopping power and, as previously stated, is LESS of an overpenetration issue than pistol calibers. Firing an SBR in an enclosed space is always going to be unpleasant (to say the least) and will absolutely cause permanent ear damage. Shooting a rifle/shotgun outside is more than loud enough to cause permanent ear damage, and inside is going to be louder than outside. Even with a suppressor, firing supersonic ammunition is not "hearing safe". My point being that unless you are shooting subsonic ammo, I don't think there would be much of a difference between .223/5.56 suppressed and 9mm suppressed; they are both going to hurt, and are both going to cause permanent damage. Now if we leave off the suppressor, it would be a different story. The OP stated they would preferably suppress the weapon, and in this case I see no good reason not to go with .225/5.56.
  6. The EGW ambi safeties are nice. Expensive, but nice. Novak also makes an ambi safety where the two sides are held together with a small roll pin. I have one, they aren't bad, but aren't the easiest to disassemble.
  7. That nice, eh? That's good news i suppose, cause it's not like you have other options for magazines. It's factory mags or bust.
  8. Why is 9mm CBC brass trash? I don't reload, i'm just curious as to what is wrong with it. CBC is, IIRC, the largest ammunition manufacturer in the world.
  9. I know MBX makes springs for Tanfoglio mags. You can order them direct from MBX via their website, or Shooters Connection has them for sale here.
  10. My understanding is that the .223/5.66 bullet destabilizes when passing through a barrier, even if that barrier is just drywall. As a result, the bullet doesn't carry it's energy as far as one might expect. Consequently, something like a PCC is going to carry more of an overpenetration risk than an AR. It sounds backwards, I know, but if you google it you will see that it has been tested over and over. There used to be an FBI report about overpenetration floating around, but I can't seem to find it now.
  11. Not just your eyes! Arc welding produces lots of UV light, and will badly burn any exposed skin in relatively short order. Be sure to cover those arms!
  12. That sounds like an issue with the follower, not the magazine (more specifically, the magazine body). Have you tried swapping the MecGar's guts out for something else?
  13. I have the DeWalt one too, and it is worth it's weight in gold. I've never taken it to the range, or a match for that matter, but it sure is handy around the shop. As a matter of fact I can feel it's cool caress as I type this...
  14. Leather can absolutely cause wear on a finish. Not to say leather is bad (I love it) but it can still mess things up if you don't keep it clean. In my experience, cleanliness is really the key. A dirty holster, regardless of what it is made of, will wear on the finish.
  15. THIS ^^^ And a good stand isn't cheap, so don't forget to factor one in when setting your budget.
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