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First Match of the Year - Please Critique


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For reference, I’m B class in Production but switching to Single Stack (shooting minor) for now for a variety of reasons. I’m currently C class in Single Stack and looking for feedback on what to focus on as I ramp up my training for the year. This was my first “real” match of the year; I shot a classifier match the week before. 

Last stage of the day. 
26 A, 6C, 24.53 seconds
6.0334 HF
48.78% of stage winner. 


3rd stage of the day
21 A 10 C 1 D
26.35 seconds
5.1613 HF
46% of stage winner

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I've only been at it a few years. No expert am I, but have learned much for watching other GM's on the Tube. Myself, still working all the details out, it's not easy.


Looking good though, reloads, shooting on the move. Try being more explosive on your moves in and out of a shooting position, it looks like you are pausing. On your draw from start, you should EXPLODE out of your stance. Moving and shooting, more speed. Try getting your weight on the balls of your feet, rather then your heels, crouching and short fast steps. Hope this helps. 

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Referring to the second video:


Your feet move in ways that indicate you aren’t programming your footwork which will occur between targets during an array. That should be sorted out when planning the stage.


It looks like your feet shuffle wherever you find they needed to in positions one and two. Those positions also look like places where you could have set up to attack every single target without needing to move your feet between them.


The loads into and out of position two cost you serious time. They aren’t quick enough to avoid slowing down your movements or ability to engage your next target.

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I'm a little late to the party here, but I'll give it a go.  


Nothing to be ashamed of here.  That's pretty solid shooting and reloading, but I can throw a few things your way.  

- It's already been mentioned, but footwork could use work (that's less about how fast you are as a human being and more about engaging your brain to decide I WILL MOVE FAST THE MOMENT THAT SHOT BREAKS as well as knowing where you're going and having a plan to get there....I do the same thing often, so this is pot calling you black)

- If you're going to shoot SS minor and take the time to aim each shot (which it looks like you are), you MUST hit alphas.  Giving away points AND time can not be an option.  Pick one or the other to be the one you're willing to give a little on.  If you can't decide, pick speed!  Most any shooter who practices can hit alphas while standing still, while few people really know how to move with a gun.  It's the harder skill to learn and you'll probably have more fun learning it.

- Looks like you're "admiring" your shots a little.  You know where it's going to hit, so if it isn't good enough, follow up immediately and if it is, feet/gun should be moving as soon as the pin hits the primer.  It's another brain training game


Mostly looks like you could see some improvement from just really working your mental game a little more.  Your shooting and reloading is fine from what I can see (I'm not one of the world  class shooters on this forum though)

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