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  1. It's going to be in the low to high 70's this weekend. I would check your ammo again. 127pf is pushing the edge. Also depends on your powder, temp sensitive? Have a good Match too, 16 stages plus chrono.
  2. Yep, if you shoot Open, you will need to maintain your gun, how often?, depends. Good to know a few Gunsmiths and have a box of extra parts. Things can last for many Matches and things can go bad quickly. I wish they lasted 100k Rounds, but things happen (especially during a Match, Classifiers are when my failures show up ), then it's research time.
  3. I use those too. I have the fine mesh (they stack very well) on the bottom to drain water and catch pins.
  4. Same here. Tumble in Corn Media, with spent primers still in the cases (1 1/2hrs). Resize and remove spent primers. Wet tumble. Once I get to this point, I store the cleaned and sized brass until I am ready to reload (about 2k ready to go). Then in the press, primer, bellmouth, powder, bullet, seating and Lee Full Length Die (just enough to remove the bellmouth) and into Ammo Boxes of 100. On the shelf I currently have 635 rounds ready for July. Then gradually reload 200-300 at a time to get the round count up for Aug.
  5. Can't wait, keep us post Ssanders, thanks.
  6. Only 1 Range that has 2 Stages down a 300 yard long gravel hill, about a 75' drop. If we get on Stage 7 then we go up and down the hill twice and end on Stage 6 at the bottom of the hill, again. Otherwise, it really doesn't matter, bring it on. It's the mental prepping I'll be doing days before and on the trip to the Match that I get my mindset collected. Closer to parking?, sure, that's always good to go.
  7. This. Best advice. I think we see people that are GM's and M's that are fast on the doubles and hope we can duplicate that. They've spent many hours firing and have very tuned guns/ammo. Getting fast in transitions is the best way to get a higher hit factor. Get those points and concentrate on the A zone. Hopefully it will burn into your muscle memory and eyes. Being a beginner, I had no idea what to expect at getting really good at this, still a low B, but making it work 1 Match at a time. It's not as easy as it looks, it takes time, practice, good mechanics, stage planning, tuned ammo, tuned gun, physical fitness, mindset, (man, I could go on and on), etc.... Stay with getting your hits as fast as you can and at your level. And move fast as you can smoothly. Or, pay for lessons.
  8. Having a 16 year background in CNC/Manual Machining, I would wait until your class starts. Once your schooling has finished and you finally decide what you would build, get the tools needed. You might save yourself some $$$ by not buying tools you really don't need. Buy the tools your really need.
  9. I don't get it. What's the question? You'll get responses and they will vary, might even go off the rails and the topic changes course (battle of the big brains ). Many will say, "Pay for Training". Sure, do it, if you have the $$$, time and ammo. You look like you are doing fine. Some things to clean up, but you have good speed, good posture, fast draw etc... You should be a B soon, possible A by Sept. Just keep at it, there are so many little things to gain and really hard to learn all at once. Get with an M or GM and ask questions. We have people that shoot our Matches and film themselves. They'll post their full Matches on UTube. Gives a good idea how they plan their Stages and footwork. Keep at it, you are doing fine.
  10. Yep, I was just about to mention this too. If your comp was installed and was loose on the barrel to begin with, then what is keeping it aligned is the Loctite. If you are practicing and firing enough rounds to get the comp hot, it is possible for the comp to loosen and settle after it cools down. If this is your case, I would check the alignment of the comp to the barrel bore again.
  11. I was there too their Matchbook stated 262 rounds, that's including 8 for Chrono, but it seemed like they shot 3 and took 1, I dunno? I actually do makeup shots and finished with 280, about 18 over. Was freaking hot too the last 3 stages.
  12. Yep, happened here in Wa State. Shot a Match Sunday, results did not show up as of today (Mon.) on PS. But...the result did show up on my Samsung PS Competitor app. They'll get it worked out.
  13. Mailman d*ck move. Yep, they all know who the reloaders are on their route. They hate delivering boxes of bullets. So they dump them close as they can, or busted box missing bullets. I've ordered 3500 a few times. I have a mailman that I have become friends with, nice gentleman. Will deliver everything, even brings the boxes to my doorstep and knocks on the door. When I ship boxes out, I leave a note in the mailbox, "Package to ship at the door please, thank you". I can see him pull up, so I run the box out to him. He appreciates that. This is just what I do, no you don't have to leave notes or run boxes out to the street. It's not for you to do. Now every mailman is different, that are all not the same. Reading here and hearing of the horror stories of their 35# boxes of bullets being delivered reminds me of this one instance. Ordered 3500 bullets from Xtreme 2 years ago. Regular mailman was on a 2 week vacation. Replacement dude left my bullets down the street in a neighbors mailbox. That neighbor marked the box, "Wrong address". I filed with USPS and called Xtreme. USPS kept sending daily reports via email, "they are looking". Regular mailman comes back from vacation, finds my box down the street and delivers. Nice guy too. USPS keeps sending emails thereafter, that they are still looking for my box, for 45 days. Now I order 1k at a time every 45 days. Mailman d*ck move? Yep. Fedex, UPS maybe?
  14. I leave mine on all day. So far about 5 Matches with new battery, all good. Do have a new backup just in case.
  15. Ordered 1k 124jhp from Precision Delta Wens. arrived today, 2 days . Good till Nov.
  16. Ya welcome. Following what Ssanders224 started. So hard to catch them when in. Got 1k more coming. Usually takes them 5 days.
  17. Precision Delta 115 fmj https://www.precisiondelta.com/products/9mm-115gr-fmj/
  18. Precision Delta 124gr jhp are in. https://www.precisiondelta.com/products/
  19. I would hate that too. Someone that is shooting with accuracy is asked to "slow down"? I'd be asking that person who said that to please extrapolate.
  20. This. Just 4 season in as a Senior Open B. This is my experience and what I have learned. (You mileage my vary). I'll go into a few things I found about shooting competition for myself. When I first started in 2016, every stage that day I taped a video. I watched this video last year and just couldn't watch it and laughed the whole time. I was very slow and sloppy. Finally got out of a D and into a C in 2017. Then into a B in 2019. During this B period I found that I could have a few really good stages, landing in the top 10 overall. Then the other 3-4 stage in the 30-40's. It has been like that for a year. (Ok, I'll iterate, I compare myself to all shooters and also to all Open Div. Shooters, that's me. YMMV). Last year I figured out what was happening. The 3-4 good stages I was doing good at, I had the hits, transitions and the right stage planning. I got spoiled. I understood how to get my hits and movement from the previous good Stages. So I pushed faster and tried to duplicate that same tempo, but would get Mikes, resulting in bad stages. I was just not ready yet. The performance idea was there, I just wasn't and got ahead of myself. So in 2020 I went to a Match with the idea I would slow down and get all Alphas. I did 80% and landed in the top 15. Was very hard to do, slowing down and aiming for Alphas every Stage, but it paid off. I was moving good, but when it came to a target I would slow down and make sure I got A's, if I could see a miss, C or a D, I'd send an extra shot. Slowing down when it comes to pulling the trigger got me better overall and in my Open Div. It worked, took a lot of discipline to focus on hits, but it worked. 2021 I am doing same, get my hits/points. When I get to an A it will happen when it happens. Go fast and slow down for hits. Eventually I hope to be consistent in each Match, but it is going to take some time and effort on my part. Slow down at targets, move in and out of transitions fast as possible, be accurate and get your hits at your speed. Stay in your lane.
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