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  1. There are android Shot Timer apps for live fire (IPSC Shot Timer). Depending on your speakers an app as this can work, or just using a regular shot timer held up to your speaker (volume dependent). I've done this before.
  2. Ballistics Calculator for 124gr at 1375 fps, same.
  3. Not bad. Doing some good things. I'm only a C and still working out my flaws. Which means, I can tell what I should be doing. So just to help and not criticize . Watch at 2:12. I still do that and always work to make sure I stay on target and not flinch, it's a tough one. Faster in between your targets (transitions). Keep the gun up, pull trigger soon as you see targets. Shoot on the move. It looks like you are stopping to aim. Practice engaging targets faster, when you can. It takes lots of work, wish I started this 15 years ago, have a good day.
  4. I think Paper first, then steel last. If I miss on a steel, the gun is positioned at the best possible point of aim for a make up. Verse's moving gun from paper to steel for a makeup. Look forward to this at Dundee, thanks Mike.
  5. Yep, that's how it's done. Nice movement.
  6. You're doing good. On the first video, when you approach the 4 targets at the end and then move left for the last 3. As soon as you see the 4 targets, shoot on the move. It takes practice. Also, I think you went too deep down range, you had to take a step back to engage the last 3 targets. Setup in between those 7 targets. Snap over fast as you can left, for the last 3. As close as they are, it will take pulling that trigger a bit faster. I'm not there yet, but still trying and working on it. One day I'll get to a B . I have talked to a few GM's and squaded with them to see where I am lagging behind. It's a great Sport and love it, just takes time behind the gun.
  7. Yep, practice ammo. Imagine during a Stage and you get a jam. Gauge checking ammo just moved up to the next level.
  8. What about Shasta and Tehama? If you are a mid B you are doing something right. I'm 63, wear glasses, shoot Open C class. Been at it 2 years. I've made many mistakes, but not as many as I used to. I have had great stages and really bad ones. The more Matches I can get to, the better. Find time and effort. Attend a Match and find someone that post that Match online. I see where I make my mistakes. There are people of all size, shape, age and speed. They usually can out shoot me. Just pull it together. Watch your vids, study others, learn the fastest way to shoot a stage. Be relaxed and stay confident. Sounds easy, but your mental state is very important. I find if I down play the jokes and games before it's my turn, I do better.
  9. I had a G17 with dove tail mount for a FF3. Yes, the brass worked over the frame of the FF3 really good. Just enough to remove the finish. If I ever go CO again, will consider a tall rear sight in front of the Red Dot Sight.
  10. Good, stay with it. I've seen your name at the Top a few times around the NW Matches, you've done really well, impressive. Disposable Income, that does help . Good luck in College and all the Matches ahead, cheers.
  11. Congrats on the Area 1 and at 19 yrs old? Nice work, that practice has paid off. Would be really great to see more of the next gen get involved in USPSA, us old dudes have only so many years left. I hope I'm 80 and still at it .
  12. They make 5 and 8 gallon steel drums, which wouldn't be a bad idea.
  13. Lastcat

    Meeting forum members

    Of all they things to say. Internet never does justice, to how you post, what you meant, verse's what they heard. I'm Groot.
  14. Wet or dry? I've used the Harbor Freight mini tumblers that are made of rubber containers, using SS Pins, wet. Then I made a container out of PVC. One thing that happens is the rubber/pvc wears down and actually will cause your brass to look dull/green/blackish. All that rubber/pvc attaches to the brass cases. At first it was always bright as can be, but after a year, they came out darker. As long as it was clean inside and out, I really didn't care. Sometimes I would tumble finished rounds with corn cob, just to get that shine back. Sometimes, I don't care. The Cement Mixer is a great idea. Get all the paint off the inside first. A bare metal SS container is probably my next build.
  15. G34 mos is an excellent choice. Parts are very easy to find and won't put a big dent in the wallet. If you change out the barrel, make sure to check KKM first. I have used them exclusively. For G31 and G17 Open Guns and always amazed at the accuracy. Also Magpul mags are great.
  16. Me too. Just to keep track of the count before a Match. I need 300, I get 3 boxes. Then load mags in the morning before Match.
  17. Good old school tool bag from Home Depot. 2 Pockets on both sides and 2 on both ends holds mags. Gun bag fits inside. Nothing fancy, $8.
  18. Any Gunsmith have the time to cut 4 parallelogram windows per side for my CK Arms, as per pic below? PM me, thanks.
  19. You can repair, clean, etc..your gun at the Safe Table. Just no ammo handling. Have you considered a Bore Snake? Or were you thinking about a full tear down and clean?
  20. It's the breach face. 9mm doesn't really set well on the 40 breach. 9mm slide is your best option. Then the comp, carver mount, dot, magwell, trigger. KKM makes great barrels for Glocks.
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