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  1. I'd first figure out why are you getting the base of your 9mm brass to bulge. Is this after you resize all your brass or after you load a round?
  2. Sounds like you both can shoot. Hope you figure it out. Ammo maybe?
  3. Hard to say. Could be 2-20 things going on. What gun? Ammo? Sight? Condition of the gun? Is it possible he is trading dominant eye to weak eye? I would bench rest at 10 yards, you take 10 shots then let him shoot 10.
  4. Awesome, hope it works out for ya. In all seriousness, I was merely kidding around. Some uses 5 magnets, its all good.
  5. Bwhahahaha...that is a good one. Lots of metal poles, chairs, rods, doorways that can capture that "5 Magnet Guy"....LOL
  6. Oh Ya, just one at the 12 O'clock for my Open Gun Rig. Usually if there are unloaded table starts, I grab 2 mags from the barrel, slap 1 on the mag the other in the gun. Sometimes I reload from the magnet. To each his own.
  7. That actually would be funny. See a belt with 5 magnets, see them fumble around trying to pull a mag. Or, too weak of magnets and drop their mags running the course...lol. Time will tell.
  8. I sure hope we don't go down this road where, "Dude has 5 magnets and no pouches on his belt" Road. Please say it ain't gonna happen. I hope not, actually think it's faster to pull from a pouch then a magnet.
  9. Loctite 620 and all the way around the barrel threads. Clearance is important so the Comp and Slide don't hit when locked up. You can hand file the Comp to fit to the slide. Also you will need to Bore the inside diameter of the Comp too with a Comp Reamer (wait 24hrs). You don't want a bullet hitting the Comp. When I replaced mine, I used a Propane Torch to heat it, that's how well 620 works.
  10. These are good reads, keep 'em coming. My first Match ever. I knew some rules, but for sure not all. After my first stage I went over to the "work area" (Safety Table) and was checking my gun, all looked good. Pulled out my ammo and started loading my mags . An RO that I knew came over and politely stated "You can't handle ammo at the Safety Tables, you could get a DQ". Tossed everything away fast as I could and beat feet outta there.
  11. Thanks Mike. I wish, got my Open Gun out. New barrel getting plated and slide getting zig racker dovetail up at JPL's. You always put on great Matches in Dundee, Ore. Great times there and the people are really good to chill with. Hopefully I get parts back next week then get to TCGC and Dundee next month. Cheers.
  12. Thanks Mike, think I'll go with .005" all around.
  13. Mike how much of a gap do you allow between the Comp and the Slide? (.004, .005, .006, etc....?)
  14. 3 Pouches, magnet at 12 o'clock. Pull the big stick off the magnet to Make Ready, then 2 140's in the pouches. Very rarely every use the 3rd pouch, but it's there. Mags off the barrel, I grab 2, one goes on the magnet, other in the gun. Then unloading after COF, I slap the finished mag on the magnet.
  15. Absolutely. If you try to put a size 9 1/2 foot in a size 5 shoe, something has to give. But whatever the OAL of the round you choose, regardless of HP, FP, RN, it has to fit said barrel. It has to fit into the chamber without the bullet being seated too long for your particular chamber and in some way hitting the lande. .008" oversized (in your case per trials) is just enough to keep the barrel from locking up into full battery, which means the end of the round is stuck up against the breach face, stopping full lock up. Shorten the OAL. Science by Thomas Dolby.
  16. For 9, 40 and 38S there needs to be a gap between the case and extractor, unless it's a 45, then there is no gap. I have a 9mm Open Gun. The gap from the case to the breach is my concern. Normal? Otherwise it looks like ignition is going to slam the case into the extractor, yes?
  17. New Brazo 5" Slide and new EGW Standard Extractor. 2011 Open Gun. Just watched this from wolf 83, many great videos. So here is mine, case is down far as possible. See a problem? Tension is great, but dam, getting the Extractor back in the slide takes some force, bigly table slam. FPS fits great, no slop. Extractor fits FPS great as well. There's a .025" gap between the Breach Face and the Case. I also have a Heavy Duty EGW Extractor I tried and it looks the same. Looks like trouble. Now what?
  18. Bought some Gun Smithing Tools from Limitless13. Did an excellent job packaging, fast shipping, payment and communications. Great to work with A+.

  19. I hear ya. I did the same to mine, just to GunKote the Magwell. Pried, WD40 and heated that Insert. Just couldn't get that damn thing out, unless I start screwing with the Magwell and damage that. That Insert is in there, nice tight fit too. I said screw it, got the Soldering Iron and melted the Insert all the way through on one side, just enough to pry it out. Saved the Magwell, not a scratch. Got the Magwell Gunkoted and just spent the $20 for a new Insert. If I ever have to change it again, I might stick it in the oven @350 for 30 mins, salt and pepper to taste. Maybe some vegg
  20. Yes, opposite, as I stated. Sometimes when they can and to keep things moving, they can back score. Sometimes they can't. Start downrange for instance. And sometimes, they aren't even trained, just a volunteer. We need more RO's where I shoot. Sometimes, it's only 2 of us . Oh well, it's all fun, best Sport to be involved in, even as a Super Senior .
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