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  1. I have a feeling once this all settles down, there are going to be large crowds when we resume.
  2. Yep, agree with everything said. Strong grip, front to back, side to side. Here's one that baffled me. I know a GM Open Shooter that is really good and squaded with him one day. I asked him about grip, he said he uses a "Soft Grip". What? Took my video of him and slowed it down. Watching his gun from the side, on the first shot the comp goes up and just as it came back down, you could see it settle just ever so slightly and pause back to where it started. He then fired his second shot. His splits are in the teens too (.17, .18, etc...) Yep I know, it's mechanics and science He shoots 124gr with Silhouette. I really think part of this control is part mechanics and knowing your gun. I don't know what kind of grip that is, but it sure has worked for him. He was truly one with his gear, no doubt.
  3. I've only been at it a few years. No expert am I, but have learned much for watching other GM's on the Tube. Myself, still working all the details out, it's not easy. Looking good though, reloads, shooting on the move. Try being more explosive on your moves in and out of a shooting position, it looks like you are pausing. On your draw from start, you should EXPLODE out of your stance. Moving and shooting, more speed. Try getting your weight on the balls of your feet, rather then your heels, crouching and short fast steps. Hope this helps.
  4. Just an update. Did a 9 stage 240 round Match today. Only had 1 case get stuck, not bad, but needs to improve. Did get springs for the Extractor. On to the Ejector, see what can be done.
  5. Romeo3 XL I received last week, since I had to send in the DPP (7 week wait). I wish they were $100, but as the saying goes, "Buy once, cry once". I had to have a replacement quick too, received in 4 days. Still $599 though . Primary Arms Romeo3 XL 6 moa
  6. Yep. Looked at one online. Just got this Atlas ($99), Cheely would be another $110. It's an option for sure. Thinking about getting 2 new springs for the Extractor and see where it leads.
  7. I've been lucky so far in 2 years, knock on wood, but that would for sure suck. Think I might just do that anyways. I have a #5-40 tap coming Sat. Remove Slide, attach your mount. Get a 1/8" Transfer Punch and insert that into the forward hole of the mount. Strike a mark. Remove mount. Drill a #38 hole. Use a counter sink and cut a slight chamfer to the hole (doesn't need much, easy). Get your tap and some oil. Tap slowly. Make a turn and back it out to clear the chips if you meet any resistance. Being this small of a hole, one might be able to tap in one step. Then get the hole cleaned out, Alcohol, Brake Cleaner, Lacquer Thinner, etc... Red Loctite your mount. If I go this route, I might just post pics here. HTH
  8. Nice. You could be right. When I had the DPP and the Cheely mount, that was about the gap over the Port I saw. I also thought about just moving the mount ahead by 1 hole, or adding a new hole 3/8" forward. When I get the new springs installed, I'll see how that goes, if all else fails, I'll just move the mount. Thanks.
  9. We all have first Match stories. I have a few bumpy Matches for sure. Good that you are hooked. Get things worked out, learn from your mistakes. It does actually get better. Happy Trails.
  10. Thanks clw, got lucky. Talked to a friend nearby, got 2 coming tomorrow, hope this works.
  11. Thanks, found this site by Rob Londrigan (Tuning Extractor/Ejector). http://www.brazoscustom.com/magart/ejection perfection.htm Took my Extractor apart and found 1 of the 2 smaller springs came out in 3 pieces, dang . So I'll hunt done a replacement and see if that was the problem all along. Bummer too, got a few Matches this weekend. The Ejector looks a bit rounded over. Might file that per Londrigan's instructions, or just get a new one.
  12. Just got a Romeo3 XL with the Atlas mount. Very nice large glass. Went out today to dial in the dot and get some practice. Have this mounted to my CK Arms Hardcore open gun (9lb recoil). Everglades 124 with 7.6 of Power Pistol @ 1.160 (170 pf). Did great, except for 2 spent cases out of 200 got stuck under the Atlas mount and the slide, argh! When I ran a Cheely mount with the Deltapoint, never a stuck case. Seems the Atlas mount is about 3/8" just farther back over the ejection port than the setup previously used with the DPP. No knock against Romeo or Atlas, just hope it doesn't bite me in the buttocks during a Match. Haven't looked yet for another mount yet, has anyone ran into this small issue before?
  13. Yep, I have heard other shooters doing this. Will look into it, thanks.
  14. Will try very soon. Have a 6moa Romeo XL on it's way. Hope that helps.
  15. Interesting. Not much info out yet. Looks promising. Wonder about the size of the glass?
  16. In my 60's and wear prescriptions, just found out today about astigmatism . Oh well, at least I can use the lower dot for close range and the upper dot for long range...lol. Life goes on.
  17. You have a Red Dot on your Open Gun and it looks fuzzy, starburst, shooting stars and flares? Could just be your eyes. I searched this yesterday, worried about my Deltapoint Pro. I don't recall the dot looking like 2 smaller dots. Almost called Leupold for answers. Then I took a pic of the dot, it's round and in great shape. It's my eyes, argh!! Неаrd оf аѕtіgmаtіѕm? As we age, our eyes tend to see things different. On my Deltapoint, I can see 2 small dots touching, one on top of the other. Not a game changer, still can get a good sight picture. If you are wondering about your Red Dot, take a picture of it. Or, rotate the scope 90 degrees, then 90 degrees and full 360. Does the shape of the dot change? If not, it's your eyes. If the shape of the dot does change as you rotate your scope, it's the scope. Hope this helps.
  18. On the first stage, if your name is called at the top of the shooter order, ask to be dropped down the list. That way you get a chance to see how the stage is shot. Ask questions. Help reset the stage (tape, poppers, etc...) Stay fed and hydrated. Have fun. Come back and post a report here.
  19. There are android Shot Timer apps for live fire (IPSC Shot Timer). Depending on your speakers an app as this can work, or just using a regular shot timer held up to your speaker (volume dependent). I've done this before.
  20. Ballistics Calculator for 124gr at 1375 fps, same.
  21. Not bad. Doing some good things. I'm only a C and still working out my flaws. Which means, I can tell what I should be doing. So just to help and not criticize . Watch at 2:12. I still do that and always work to make sure I stay on target and not flinch, it's a tough one. Faster in between your targets (transitions). Keep the gun up, pull trigger soon as you see targets. Shoot on the move. It looks like you are stopping to aim. Practice engaging targets faster, when you can. It takes lots of work, wish I started this 15 years ago, have a good day.
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