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FINALLY!! Glock SJC mount install with photos


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Finally received the SJC mount for my Glock 34 and C more red dot.  Will try to explain the process with photos.  


This is what I started with. 




This is the hardware that came with the mount.  Notice the flanges.  Once you drill the holes these go from inside the receiver to the outside.6531BE87-E1B6-4264-9D95-195C383E018A.thumb.jpeg.4ac01757ecb984b9aae78fe41b38f3c1.jpeg

I drilled a pilot hole once I determined the location.  The used the recommended 19/64 point bit to enlarge the hole.  Did this from both sides.  Not one continued hole.






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Once the holes were drilled, I inserted the flange but it needs to be flat on the inside of the receiver.  This is why it needs to be worked on.B0FA7FD4-026C-4B1F-BDD6-79FAC4744EFE.thumb.jpeg.598eb75c74f3a68ccfcb3ca0de40c6ea.jpeg


I used a dremel with a small grinding ball. 


A little more progress here.


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14 hours ago, jerseyglock said:

You didn't heat up flanges and melt them into frame.


On 3/6/2020 at 12:01 AM, Chapo said:

This is both flanges installed.  Had to use a wood burner with flat tip (like a flat screwdriver) to melt away portion of the polymer.





I think that's exactly what he did😀

nice job .


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Sort off. 

Using a very hot flange surely would have melted the plastic where it needed to be moved but may have also melted the plastic in the hole, so holes would have been larger than required.

Well done!

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