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Found 13 results

  1. I did a search through the forum and was unable to find anything. Does anyone own both of these or has anyone switched from one to the other. There's obviously a ton of literature out there on the 34 but I'm interested in knowing how these two compare to each other for out of the box production shooting value.
  2. Hello, Would someone know does gen 3 Glock 17 (or 34) equipped with Dawson Precision ICE magwell fit in to IPSC Standard box (225 x 150 x 45 mm)? G17/34 is 138 mm tall, so there's only 12 mm free space "under" the grip. Length won't be a problem with G17, but G34 is 222 mm long, so there's only 3 mm of free space.. Width won't be a problem. Dawson told me that ICE is 42 mm wide. For some reason Dawson hasn't provided me an answer to this question (how much ICE adds to the length and height of the gun). I've asked it from them couple of times, and they always send me a reply telling how much ICE weights
  3. I'm shooting a Glock 34 and eventually want to mod it out with SJC parts to make it an open gun. In the meantime, I want to shoot in Limited division, which I've been told is the best way for people new to the sport. I'm not looking to win any trophies, but it always bothers me that I'm losing points by shooting minor in this division. I don't really want to invest in another gun in 40 S&W just for this purpose. It occurred to me that I will be purchasing a fully supported SJC/KKM barrel for my Glock 34 on my way to making an Open gun out of it. This barrel supports 9mm Major. I can buy 9mm Major ammo at Atlanta Arms, so I'm not dealing with the reloading difficulties of this round for the moment. As I've been researching this idea of shooting 9mm major loads without a comp, I haven't come across any posts addressing this issue. That suggests to me that it probably doesn't make any sense to do this, but I'd like to get some feedback from you guys. Thanks.
  4. I'd like to hear about people's experience co-witnessing sights on a Glock 34 MOS with a DeltaPoint Pro. Are you using Dawson Precision Co-Witness sights? How well does it work? I shot my first match with a red dot today. My eye kept going to my original red fiber optic front sight, so I removed it mid-match and started wondering about getting co-witness sights. I know the open guys don't bother.
  5. Hi, I was shooting a stage that had a target at ~20 yards that was partially obscured (hard cover) diagonally and while aiming for the top right 'shoulder' area of the target I ended up 'mike'ing the entire target above the right shoulder. I knew this was an issue but it has never stared me in the face like this. It completely trashed my run that night and I'm done with it. I shoot 147s out of a Glock 34 and want to get a front sight from Dawson that is zero'd at 20~25 yards. Does anyone know this height? Stock barrel 147gr plated Thanks.
  6. I just switched from MG's 124's CMJ's with an OAL of 1.160" which worked flawlessly in my Gen3 and my son's Gen4 G34's. I switched to the MG 147 CMJ's and kept the 1.160" OAL. No issue in my Gen3 but the Gen4 has constant feeding problems. Am I running them too long??? The 124's were a rounded nose and the 147's have that small flat spot in the front (look more like a trapezoid). Sounds like some people are running MG 147's around 1.130-1.140" Thanks for the feedback
  7. I'm going to buy a SS guide rod and reduced power recoil spring 13# or 14# in my Glock 34. I have never done this. Do I need to get a lightened striker or lighter striker spring to counteract that? Or will the stock ones be sufficient? I shoot 124 gr manufactured ammo if that matters. Thanks.
  8. I'm about to get into the world of USPSA, I have a G34. My question is are the mag extensions, like the TTI ones really worth it? I know I only have 2 ounces to work with, so with grip plug, talon grips, dawson sights I don't know if they are worth it. After watching videos of matches it seems people reload way before they hit the 15 round mark anyway. It really comes down to if I want the basepads or SS guide rod because having both I believe would put me over the weight and push me to limited, which I don't want to do. Just need some advice from you guys. Thanks.
  9. For a little over a year now, I've been using a Gen 3 Glock 19 for IDPA and occasional USPSA competitions. I've been doing fairly well with it, but at some recent practice sessions, three different people let me try their Gen 4 G34s after I first ran the stages with my G19. On average, my times improved with the G34 by about 18%. Naturally, I'm now very interested in picking one up for myself. Should I stick with the Gen 3 since that is what I'm currently running or do the changes to the Gen 4 make it a better choice for competition? I do prefer the texture of the Gen 4 grip, however, I like it setup with the medium backstrap so the grip reduction isn't a factor for me. Thanks!
  10. I have my mind set on buying a Glock 34 for production in USPSA competition although I may move on to limited in the future. I am still new to the sport. I currently have a Gen4 19 that I am using, which was my first handgun, and I like the smaller grip of the G4 compared to the G3. I have shot a G3 34 and although the wider grip on it did not bother me much, I wasn't as accurate as I am with my G4 19. I've also heard some people claim that they shoot better with their g4 34 after owning both gens. Is there any benefit over one gen to the other in competition? I was leaning towards the g4 34 and figured the better grip would be worth it since it's what I'm already used to and could always use the same trigger set up in my 19. Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. A guy on Armslist offered to sell me his Glock 34 gen3 for $525. He said it has about 400-500 rounds through it claims that it has never had a malfunction. It may be an older one due to the moon shaped cut on the bottom of the frame where the mag is. Should I buy it? I've never bought a used gun off somebody, let alone somebody I didn't know but the price seems good. I was originally planning to buy a new gen4, but wouldn't mind the gen3. Thanks
  12. Hey Y'all, 124gr Montana Gold FMJ 3.8grs Vihta Vhouri 320 Mixed Headstamp on brass (mostly range pickup all inspected during hand priming) Reloaded on a RCBS Single Stage, Loads metered and weighed with an RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Some loads double checked on an RCBS 5-0-5. My barrel is wrecked and I don't know what happened. I was practicing double taps at the range and my Glock 34 locked up with a live round in the chamber. The slide sat back about 1/4'' and would not cycle forward or backwards. I eventually was able to work the slide back far enough to remove the backplate, firing pin, etc and got the slide off the rim of the 9mm case that was lodged in the barrel. I carefully removed the cartridge from the chamber using a butterknife on the rim. Loads Chronographed at 960 avg. Varied A LOT from 901-1020fps with most in the 930 to 980 range. When I examined the inside of the barrel a "pressure ring" on the around the rifling is noticeable. Looks like the rifling got compressed. Anyone experienced this or have an idea what the heck happened? I've been anal rententive while reloading (about 2-3 years experience. I can't afford to have this mistake happen again, but I'm not sure what I did. My loads are a little under powered. I'm fairly certain the standard deviation is from the mixed brass. Some of the flash holes have really bad burrs from the factory. But none of that explains what happened. I'm sure I'm missing something.
  13. Damineg34


    Purchase complete thanks
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