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Found 8 results

  1. Finally received the SJC mount for my Glock 34 and C more red dot. Will try to explain the process with photos. This is what I started with. This is the hardware that came with the mount. Notice the flanges. Once you drill the holes these go from inside the receiver to the outside. I drilled a pilot hole once I determined the location. The used the recommended 19/64 point bit to enlarge the hole. Did this from both sides. Not one continued hole.
  2. Wondering if anyone knows if the SJC micro dot optic mount (http://stores.sjcguns.com/sjc-micro-dot-mount-for-glocks/) would be compatible for use on a Gen4 G19 model? I know the frame is slightly different than the G17/22/34/35 that the mount is meant for, but I was wondering if anyone knows if the tolerances would work to use the mount on the slightly smaller G19 frame? Anyone?
  3. I have a Carver 3 port comp for an open G17 build I completed last year with the thoughts of running open minor for steel. Well I am now entertaining the thoughts of running major as well and was wondering if the 4 port Carver or 11 port SJC comp would be more beneficial. Does anyone have any side by side comparisons between the two? Are there any comps for the Glock that seem to perform exceptionally? Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Long time reader. First time poster. I owe you guys a lot for helping me figure out my 9mm major loads, accuracy issues at that velocity and training techniques. Here is a bit of a complicated question i am hoping someone has actual experience with.... I run a Glock 17 with Carver comp and at the moment Iron sights in open USPSA division and 3 gun. I run HS6 powder behind 115's to make Major velocity and it blows a dirty mess back and coats the front two inches of the slide. It is about time i put an optic on the pistol. I like the SJC Micro mounts look and size, but it has no gas/blowback plate protecting the optic. Anybody run this combination? Does the blowback residue from the HS6 cloud the optic? Is this an issue? If so i will have to remove the SJC micro mount from my wishlist and figure something else out.
  5. So I'm looking to build an Open M&P or two for family members. After trying a multitude of platforms, they have decided they want to go with an M&P (no love for my 2011s). I'm doing the research now to get the parts together but the one part that I'm unsure of the most is the scope mount. I know it's going to be a 90 degree mount so that narrows it down. I have looked all over and all I can find is two, the Stingray and the SJC. Did I miss any others? I have searched for reviews on here and elsewhere but haven't located a lot. Can anyone give me some advice on them such as ease/difficulty of installation, functionality, known issues, etc.? Thanks for any help!
  6. Ran some test loads through a Gen 3 Glock 17 with KKM Barrel, 11 Port SJC Comp, 11 LBS Spring. AutoComp Bullet OAL Average Speed Power Factor Primer Notes? Notes 6.0 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 Error Error - Light was not set up properly 6.2 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1260.2 154.264 No Signs 6.4 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1292.0 160.208 No Signs 6.6 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1323.0 164.052 No Signs 6.8 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1371.0 170.035 No Signs Makes Major, Very Nice Load 7.0 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1373.8 170.351 No Signs Makes Major, Very Nice Load WSF Bullet OAL Average Speed Power Factor Primer Notes? Notes 6.0 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1241.0 153.977 No Signs 6.2 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1276.6 158.298 No Signs 6.4 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1297.2 160.852 No Signs 6.6 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1319.6 163.630 No Signs 6.8 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1340.0 166.160 No Signs Makes Major, Soft, but dot moves a lot 7.0 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1347.4 167.077 No Signs Makes Major, Soft, dot is flatter than 6.8 I will load some more rounds for AC 6.8/7.0 & WSF 7.0 to see which I like best. Anyone else out there with similar data
  7. I am looking to get some loads made up for a SJC Glock 17 with an 11 Port Comp. After speaking with Steave over at SJC, they suggest I use WSF powder. I havent been able to find any, so I am looking to see what other people use. Looking to load either 115's or 124's. I have Titegroup (For Minor Only), AA7, and Longshot on hand currently. I know AA7 wont really work, but has anyone used Longshot before?
  8. Kraj

    Thumb Rest

    What are you thoughts on thumb Rests? Im new to open and was looking at the SJC thumb rest. Ive never shot an open gun with one so I was planning on shooting a season without one and see how it goes. Is it that big of an advantage?
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