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VR80 Trigger Comparison: Elf vs T&N


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Elftmann Tactical and Tooth & Nail VR80 trigger comparison. Short answer: Elftmann trigger for the win. 


Long answer: the T&N trigger is cheaper, slight easier to install and has that classic curved trigger feel, but has a bit of creep that is a little jerky before it breaks. I have about 300 rounds on it and Armite sear grease was applied. Trigger weight is 3.5lbs


The Elf trigger is a just a little tricky to install. My issue was getting the holes in the hammer perfectly lined up before installing the screws and I ended up, very slightly, cross threading it. I easily fixed it by chasing the threads with a tap. Once installed, I applied Armite. The break was very crisp with no perceptible movement. Trigger weighed 3-3.25 lbs and is brand new with no break in.  The Elf trigger comes with both the curved and flat trigger shoe and can be moved up and down. Move it up for less trigger travel but higher trigger weight and down for lower trigger weight but more travel.  Both triggers seen to have the same amount of overtravel.


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I am pretty happy with my T&N trigger.  Massive improvement over stock obviously.  Light pull weight with a tiny hint of creep.  Makes shooting accurate slug shots much easier.  Install was easy and it has simply worked.  Just my opinion.

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The reason I didn't buy the T&N was that they play the game of giving a low price then jack up the price crazy shipping 32.00. The elf shipping 10.00 that tells me the kind of company/people I'd be dealing with if there was a problem.

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