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X-line trigger length. Medium flat or short flat?


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I have an x line short flat and medium flat that I want to install, but I'm not sure which I should go with. I have pretty short hands, and I'm wondering if anyone with experience can help me out. Heres a somewhat crude measurement of my trigger finger. I know you can adjust length to a degree, but I dont want to get the wrong one installed. I'm not at a point to where I'm comfortable doing my own work to my gun, so I'm having a Smith install the trigger bow. 


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44 minutes ago, lroy said:

The short flat Is the same contact point (convex) as medium curved sti if that helps any. The medium would be a further reach. 


Once the trigger bow is fit, they just twist on and off though.


40 minutes ago, augman said:

Looks like you could start with a short flat and that will have some adjustability with the threaded shaft the trigger shoe mounts to. It is a pretty nice system to custom fit it to your hand. I started with the short flat shoe and ended up with the medium flat. 


I would have to remove the trigger bow to adjust the trigger shoe though, right?

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