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RTS2 diode cleaning tip


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I've been having an issue with my RTS2 recently.  The dot seemed dim, and had a U shape to it.  Definitely not the way it started out. 


Fairly new to it, I've read lots of posts about dim dots, non-circular dots as well as cleaning ideas with varying effectiveness.  I was getting ready order some tiny swabs to attempt cleaning the diode, but thought they would be too soft.  My old CMore Slideride modules needed to be scrubbed a bit, so I wanted to come up with something more firm than a tiny sponge. 


I decided to sharpen, and bend a cotton swab handle.  Thinking the paper would be more aggressive, and very precise.  I worked GREAT.  I dipped it in acetone, and scrubbed from several angles for a bit.  I used a flashlight and looked through the glass so I could see exactly where I was scrubbing in the center of the module.   You can see how much dirt was picked up off of the module in the pic of the very tip.  


Now my dot is as bright as day 1 and a perfect circle.  Just thought I'd pass it along.   





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