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  1. I use the GoGun right now but looking at the new Akai thumb rest to try. Wouldn't shoot without one.
  2. I've used a non supported Racemaster for years. No problems at all.
  3. Has anyone tried the Limcat steel grip ?
  4. I've had two in my 40 plus years - both times I wasn't paying attention to the swage feel.
  5. I have a 650 for multiple calibers but use two 1050's for my competition ammo. I think the 1050 is way superior to the 650.
  6. Rollsizer.com makes a awesome roll sizer machine.
  7. My MBX mags have run flawlessly.
  8. 3.9 of N320 at 1.145 feels great in a MPX PCC .
  9. 3.3 of N320 at 1.143 for the 147 grain in a shadow is sweet.
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