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Which Tanfoglio for USPSA?


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Howdy all, the itch to start competing again in USPSA has hit and I would like to jump in with a Tanfoglio of some sort. I've had a regular "small frame" 9mm and a Witness Match in the past and loved they way they shot (no competition with them, just plinking) 


This time I would like to get one of the square trigger guard models, and would like a little guidance on which will be the best out of the box, for around 1000 bucks. I realize this is chicken-scratch money when it comes to competition guns, but hey, workin dad with two kids lol. 


The Witness Elite Limited caught my eye, but any others to consider in that price range? Will consider either .40 or .38 Super



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5 minutes ago, Storz said:

Limited Major. My last experience shooting USPSA back in 2012 I was shooting limited minor with a Glock.


Is there any factory 38 Super ammo that makes major?

38 Super is still minor in limited

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The 40 limited is pretty much ready to roll out of the box.  trigger will be about 3 1/2 to 4 #.  polish parts up following @MemphisMechanic video and it will be a solid 3# trigger with smooth action.


Henning sells a custom spring for 40 major.  gun will be flatter with that.



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I run a Limited Custom and actually bought the Limited pistol posted earlier as my back up gun. 

I did nothing to the Limited Custom besides changing the front sight to a fiber optic and swapped the grips for personal preference. The magazines with Henning basepads and Grams guts hold 20 rounds with out an issue. 


I’ve used an STI Edge and Infinity in Limited and use a Warwick Tactical in 9mm for 3 gun. For me the Tanfoglio points and feels better than the others and if I found it earlier, I wouldnt have the Warwick and would be using one in 9mm for 3 gun. 

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