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  1. I know a few guys who run 40 minor. You can make power factor with a very soft load and I have seen a few times where the difference between 9 and 40 made the difference between A and C hits. But they also seem a little more finicky about springs and maintenance.
  2. 180gr Poly coated bullet. 3.5gr of N320 at 1.1365” = about 128 power factor
  3. I run a Limited Custom and actually bought the Limited pistol posted earlier as my back up gun. I did nothing to the Limited Custom besides changing the front sight to a fiber optic and swapped the grips for personal preference. The magazines with Henning basepads and Grams guts hold 20 rounds with out an issue. I’ve used an STI Edge and Infinity in Limited and use a Warwick Tactical in 9mm for 3 gun. For me the Tanfoglio points and feels better than the others and if I found it earlier, I wouldnt have the Warwick and would be using one in 9mm for 3 gun.
  4. Most changes to the double action will decrease the single action weight as well. Start by trying different lighter hammer spring weights before you start stoning or polishing any parts of the trigger. A slight decrease in spring weight can make a large felt weight difference.
  5. The fastest is to “candy cane” or “rainbow” the load if it is a mixed bird and slug stage, but it is also the most dangerous. One make up shot and your whole sequence can but destroyed. I have done several candy canes, but it is usually at the beginning or end of a stage to eliminate possible mix ups. I prefer to run all of the slugs in one set even if it means a longer or harder shot on one of them to prevent the possible DQ or target destruction. I also agree with the thought that if you are not sure of your sequence, then burn it into a safe area and reset the load.
  6. pw5921


    Another drill to possibly try is 10-20-30. It only uses 10 rounds per run. Make two shooting boxes or areas 20 feet apart and 20 feet from an A zone target. Start in one of the boxes. At the beep draw and fire then move to the next box. Engage upon entering and then repeat the sequence until you have fired all 10 rounds. The goal is to complete the drill in under 30 seconds with all A hits. As you complete it, move the target or boxes further apart. It helps with entering and leaving shooting areas and maintaining muzzle discipline while running both directions.
  7. Most of the classifiers are where you need stationary speed from the holster and quick hits on targets. As you probably noticed even from your first match, most stages will have space to move to engage the first targets or required movement such as turning from up range before the first target is engaged. Practicing for speed from the holster to first hit is great for dryfire and improving reaction to the beep, but be sure to integrate getting a solid grip and draw while on the move to the arrays.
  8. Yes it will work. I have one on my Limited Custom. I got it from Brazos and used the Limited/ Ambi racker.
  9. Sending out registration on Monday. Hope there are still spots
  10. Question for anyone who may be in the know or an RO for 3GN. I am and have been running the following magazine pouches/ attachments for rifle and 3 gun. I have not shot 3GN yet but I have shot other major events without an issue yet. My concern is if they violate the rules for Factory Division, specifically Link to see magazine attachment; http://store.commandarms.com/mag-holder-mps/
  11. I looked through and know there is just one division. Is .308 allowed or just .223?
  12. Looking forward to it. Shot the last two and they were great. Just got to see if I can get partners to get to both shoots. If I got to might take an inflatable dummy as the third if it has to be.
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