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SP-01 Shadow CGW 13#, RP-FPS, firing pin stuck


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Hi all

I have a stock SP-01 Shadow, DA pull was 12 lb or more


I put in a CGW 13# hammer spring, and a reduced power firing pin spring, as well as reduced power trigger spring n trigger pin. DA pull reduced to ~9.5 lb, but after some DA dry fire practices I found the firing pin was stuck, protruding from the firing pin hole. I had to slam the slide on a piece of wood a few times to get it out. SA dry fire seems fine.


A bit of searching suggested the firing pin spring may be too weak, I put the stock firing pin spring back. DA dry fire doesn't cause issue anymore. But I'm concerned with light strikes.


I put some double sided tape on the bottom of dummy rounds, SA with stock firing pin spring produced strike marks a little lighter than with RP-FPS. I won't be shooting with live rounds until end of January, maybe bring the RP-FPS for range and stock firing pin spring for dryfire?


Anyone in the same shoes? Or just this batch of RP-FPS? My understanding is when hammer spring drops to sub 15# a lighter firing pin spring would be required, but didn't expect the CGW RP-FPS so light the firing pin was slammed too hard by a 13.5#. 


P.s. just thought worth mentioning I had the stock firing pin…



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I didn’t run into any problems with primers until below an 11.5 lbs hammer spring with the stock firing pin and  spring. I however ran into problems with mixing a  CZ custom extended firing pin with a CGW reduced power spring and vice versa. The firing pin was getting stuck in the hole. Mine actually went full auto until the firing pin block stop fell out and shot the firing pin back. I am running a shadow 2 though so YMMV

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I shoot an SP01.  I've never had issues with reduced power FPS and live/dry fire..  My question is you are using snap caps when you dry fire, aren't you?  If not that is a contributor to the FP problem.  If you are, they may be worn out and need replacement.   I used 13, 11.5, & 8.5 pound MSs.


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I had the same problem with the light  pin spring in my Shadow 2. I am running a 11.5# hammer spring. I went back to the factory pin spring and it lights of everything including CCI primers. No problems at all. I'm betting you'll be just fine with the factory spring


Also you might want to try the RAMI firing pin springs. They are lighter than the factory CZ 75 spring but not as light as the CGW light spring. I have also used those with no issues.

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Thanks all. I was a little worried if I put anything wrong. Now it makes sense. I'm putting the stock FP spring for now.


Didn't use snap caps for DA dry fire. I'd imagine the snap caps would've prevented the pin from getting stuck. Snap caps are a pain for SA dry fire with mag removed, but probably a good idea for DA dry fire with a light FP spring.


I'm living in NZ, buying any pistol parts is a real quest… will try the 11.5# hammer spring next time I get a chance, DA still too heavy.


Thanks again.

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I cut 2 coils off the 13# ms and polished internals, getting some notable improvement on DA pulls but my luggage scale is acting up… had numbers from mid 8 to over 10 lb.


Right after polishing the trigger would fail to release hammer on DA, and sometimes fail to reset, some lubricant around trigger bar solved it. I took everything out polish again and lub everything. DA pull feels a lot lighter than stock, but trigger reset is not all that smooth.


SA had some improvement, but on reset I'd have a bit more take up. The cgw trigger spring may have contributed to that.


My first pistol bought 2nd hand, it sure is heavy. 

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