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  1. Had kadet on a 85 before, racking is heavy with stock main spring . However one could cock the hammer first, and racking will be much easier. Reliability is kind of hit n miss particularly with a new kit.
  2. With sear cage installed. Safety was a little tight to install atm.
  3. Thanks guys, that's it... I found a local distributor who carries #44 drill bit, with a dremel 3000 kit I did a rough job tonight. With the extended #19 pin in, what a difference it has made on DA! It breaks clean without any hesitation now, and safety lever stays dead still. It was a quick n rough fit, 1 try, thanks to this post and others I came across. For me this is the best "upgrade" after a main spring. Thanks a lot!
  4. Thanks will look for the spring at some stage, it hardly gets used with ipsc prod. For what it's worth, I came upon this post https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/252984-cz75-not-resetting-in-double-action-during-dry-fire/?do=findComment&comment=2817762 And looking at the disconnector I saw wear marks at the same spot marked red in the post. The theory being the disconnector might be pushing the sear cage up too high. A few light stroke of file followed by 1400 grit sand paper at that part, I found it nearly fixed the DA issue. With thumb riding on safety DA dro
  5. SP01 Shadow, front end of RH safety moves outward as shown in picture. This is happening during DA, particularly when using a reduced power mainspring. When this happens, hammer will not drop. Thumb pressing on LH safety helps, most of the time. Squeezing on RH safety so it stays close to slide always drops the hammer. With stock hammer spring or slightly lighter ones hammer always drop. Any thoughts what's causing this? Wear on the safety or sear cage? Or disconnector? Thanks.
  6. Check your hammer spring. When my 13 lbs CGW hammer spring had 3 coils cut down I started noticing this problem, with 5 coils down it happened quite often. Back on stock spring the problem was gone. I'm on eemann 9 lbs spring unless I pull the trigger very very slowly I don't have this issue anymore. I did notice, with slide off, that the sear gage moves back a bit, when I pulled the trigger very slowly, that movement might've caused some geometry changes. Thumb pressing down safety seems help a bit (to keep sear cage in place). Not sure that's a fitting/wearing issue o
  7. Hauraki

    sp-01 shadow woes

    Came upon this when searching sp01 recoil springs... For what it's worth, my shadow sp01 has the same issue, if I intentionally pull DA very slowly, particularly if pulling towards left, it doesn't release the hammer unless I wiggle the trigger to the right. I had some rough polishing done that could've affected the sear. But under normal range time/dry firing, pulling DA "normally" and decisively I've never encountered that issue.
  8. Glock ships with 4 plates right? Any chance your Q4 Tac came with 3 plates in the box? Mine came with none, and manual says they are optional. Glock would have a lower bore axis and optic mount height, enjoy it. I'll shoot Q4 with iron sight first before I decide on an optic.
  9. Woo... how you like the Glock in comparison? Just got a Q4 Tac on sale this weekend. It fits my hand better and trigger feels smoother than a 17 MOS Gen 5, and a lot cheaper. Will see if it shoots flat or not. I usually shoot 124 gr, almost bought a case of 115 be but a bit worried about recoil, only grabbed a few boxes to try out next weekend.
  10. Hi all I'm getting a Walther PPQ Q4 Tac next week, and looking for holster options (in AU/NZ) . My current main pistol is a Shadow SP01 using a DAA racer on a DAA belt which I don't have complains. I'm looking at DAA alpha-x with Q5 match insert, pretty sure it fits the Q4. I'm planning to get a Shadow 2 next year, I could just get a new insert then. Another option is safari land 577 GLS, at 1/3 of the cost (of alpha x), which would also fit most 1911, G17/34 or Q5 match SF that I'm interested in. But I haven't tried it before and not sure if I'd like
  11. Thanks... Q5 SF is not available here, it's also not yet approved for IPSC production, last time 8 checked. How much of an improvement is it over Q5 match?
  12. 17A gen 5 yes, non MOS Very limited Sig here, there is a X5 but not in local shops, it's quite heavy from the figures, 1 KG?
  13. Thanks, the steel frame is not available here downunder, nor is CZ P10F. My main holding back on the walther is the bore axis and muzzle recovery time. I'd certainly upgrade if they would produce a m3 with lower bore axis. Glock 17 G5 mos may last me a lot longer, unless they introduce a huge improvement on the MOS system itself.
  14. Hi there I've been shooting IPSC production with CZ SP-01 shadow for some time, and want to try a striker pistol with dots. I shortlisted Walther PPQ Q4 Tac or Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS FS and would like to hear any suggestions. Both can be used for production class and could later add a dot for production optics. PPQ may have an edge with stock trigger, better stock sight but has a higher bore axis. I will work on the trigger/internals where it's legal, Glock has more mods and holster choices. They retail for the same price here. Didn't quite like the balance of Q
  15. Got thin full checkered on my SP-01 shadow. Helps with trigger reach, texture is grippy enough, buy my m/l sized hand is wanting a bit more support. Might try standard next time.
  16. I cut 2 coils off the 13# ms and polished internals, getting some notable improvement on DA pulls but my luggage scale is acting up… had numbers from mid 8 to over 10 lb. Right after polishing the trigger would fail to release hammer on DA, and sometimes fail to reset, some lubricant around trigger bar solved it. I took everything out polish again and lub everything. DA pull feels a lot lighter than stock, but trigger reset is not all that smooth. SA had some improvement, but on reset I'd have a bit more take up. The cgw trigger spring may have contributed to that.
  17. Thanks all. I was a little worried if I put anything wrong. Now it makes sense. I'm putting the stock FP spring for now. Didn't use snap caps for DA dry fire. I'd imagine the snap caps would've prevented the pin from getting stuck. Snap caps are a pain for SA dry fire with mag removed, but probably a good idea for DA dry fire with a light FP spring. I'm living in NZ, buying any pistol parts is a real quest… will try the 11.5# hammer spring next time I get a chance, DA still too heavy. Thanks again.
  18. Hi all I have a stock SP-01 Shadow, DA pull was 12 lb or more I put in a CGW 13# hammer spring, and a reduced power firing pin spring, as well as reduced power trigger spring n trigger pin. DA pull reduced to ~9.5 lb, but after some DA dry fire practices I found the firing pin was stuck, protruding from the firing pin hole. I had to slam the slide on a piece of wood a few times to get it out. SA dry fire seems fine. A bit of searching suggested the firing pin spring may be too weak, I put the stock firing pin spring back. DA dry fire doesn't cause issue anymore. Bu
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