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  1. Meant to include that. Sorry, got distracted. 147, right around 900, normally 132 PF.
  2. 3.0 gr titegroup behind SNS or blue bullets. Haven’t had an issue and don’t clean my barrel much.
  3. That’s probably where I’m leaning. Don’t think I would use it much if I set something else up.
  4. Leaning this direction. Thanks!
  5. Interesting. Wonder why decocker arnt popular for competition guns, just due to the FPB?
  6. Shadow line compact would be sweet. Guess I would just have to own up to the milling. Could consider just doing that to a P07 or a 75 compact too.
  7. Thanks for the reply. As wanting to make sure there was no obvious gun I was overlooking. I guess I wanted a safety model because the decocker I worked on was such a pain and there is a difference in the maximum potential of the triggers, probably not important for a ccw though. P-10 is on the short list.
  8. Recommendations for a DA/SA optic gun? Currently carry a Canik C100 which does well for me but thinking about getting in the optic game. I compete with a CZ shadow. Prefer -CZ -double stack, 15 rounds -compact size but will consider duty size -safety only, no decocker -lightweight with alloy or poly frame -premilled or manufactured for optics Can’t seem to find anything that quite fits the bill, maybe will have to go tango or canik.
  9. Mecgar 17’s. The 18’s are thinner metal, 16’s have a bad coating and worse follower.
  10. The case feed ramp is held in place by a detent and can be pulled back and kept further back on the track to prevent it from pushing the casefeed arm. It’s works pretty slick and is a nicer part than what comes with the press, doesn’t need grease. You can also pull it out and flip it around for the rifle side in about 3 seconds.
  11. If you reload or know someone who does you could get primed brass and check if your combination of springs will ignite your chosen primer.
  12. I have my 650 mounted on a standard height desk(old military metal top). All of my reloading is done sitting on an adjustable height rolling mechanics stool at full height and have no issues. 6ft tall with long arms but I image it wouldn’t be too bad for other sized people.
  13. I’m in the 500-600 rd’s/hour range, setup is 650 w/ case and bullet feeder. I use the FA primer filler and have probably 1 stoppage per hundred but hopefully have some things figured out and foresee my rate being 700rph or so.
  14. No need for a paper rule book here. Electronic is fine. I would like to see the app have it formatted correctly with a search function that works and a hyperlinked index.
  15. Regarding, Penalty for holster distance violation In short(can’t copy+paste) “Any competitor who shoots a course of fire while out of compliance will receive a zero score for that course of fire...the ro must measure distances at that time...penalties will not be applied retroactive to previously completed stages and will be based solely on measurements taken on a particular stage” So if at the end of a course of fire an RO notices your holster distance is bad is the stage zero? Otherwise when would this come into effect?
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