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  1. mrpredictable

    SP-01 Shadow CGW 13#, RP-FPS, firing pin stuck

    If you reload or know someone who does you could get primed brass and check if your combination of springs will ignite your chosen primer.
  2. mrpredictable

    Can the 650 or 1050 load while sitting?

    I have my 650 mounted on a standard height desk(old military metal top). All of my reloading is done sitting on an adjustable height rolling mechanics stool at full height and have no issues. 6ft tall with long arms but I image it wouldn’t be too bad for other sized people.
  3. mrpredictable

    Real RNDs / Hour Reloading

    I’m in the 500-600 rd’s/hour range, setup is 650 w/ case and bullet feeder. I use the FA primer filler and have probably 1 stoppage per hundred but hopefully have some things figured out and foresee my rate being 700rph or so.
  4. mrpredictable

    Should USPSA provide a printed rulebook to its members?

    No need for a paper rule book here. Electronic is fine. I would like to see the app have it formatted correctly with a search function that works and a hyperlinked index.
  5. mrpredictable

    2019 Rules are released...

    Regarding, Penalty for holster distance violation In short(can’t copy+paste) “Any competitor who shoots a course of fire while out of compliance will receive a zero score for that course of fire...the ro must measure distances at that time...penalties will not be applied retroactive to previously completed stages and will be based solely on measurements taken on a particular stage” So if at the end of a course of fire an RO notices your holster distance is bad is the stage zero? Otherwise when would this come into effect?
  6. mrpredictable

    need help with CZ mag feed lips

    Are you sure this is a feed lip issue and not a mag spring issue?
  7. mrpredictable

    need help with CZ mag feed lips

    Only issue I’ve had was with the 18’s. Once they got loose I relegated them to dryfire mags and only use 16/17’s for shooting, haven’t had issues with them yet.
  8. mrpredictable

    Mini mr Bulletfeeder

    Had a similar style(4 tube fed) bullet feeder for a lee press. It saved no time but I could fill tubes while watching TV.
  9. mrpredictable

    75B - 8.5# Hammer Spring

    Used a 8.5# in my SP01 shadow for a while. Should work in your 75b with an extended firing pin, and a reduced power firing pin spring. Mine was 100% with federal primers and ~98% with CCI. I switched back to a 11.5# for consistency and a less squishy feel.
  10. I currently have a XL650 that is only short automation that I am reloading 9mm for USPSA on and I am getting into rifle reloading. I plan on reloading .300 winmag for hunting on a single stage and eventually loading .223 for 3 gun on the Dillon. I am running into difficulties in what I should purchase to set this up. I am in need of a rifle primer, trimmer and swager. I am envisioning my processes will look like this .300wm clean lube fl size/deprime trim if oversized prime hand fill powder seat bullet .223 clean lube first pass through Dillon Resize/deprime swage if necessary trim if necessary 2nd pass though Dillon prime/powder/bullet/seat Any issues with these processes? I am planning on buying a Lee bench mounted auto prime as I sold the hand primer that came with the rock chucker. For trimming i am looking at the Worlds finest trimmer or something like this https://www.amazon.com/Frankford-Arsenal-Platinum-Center-System/dp/B00HS7JEB4. The frankford would potentially eliminate the need for a separate swager, otherwise I was looking at the Dillon super swager. Also is a lube die worth it? Thoughts?
  11. mrpredictable

    Magnetic Mag Retainer In Production...

    Justify that using the rule book. Also if you get bumped to open your still minor but you could load your mags up to capacity.
  12. mrpredictable

    Magnetic Mag Retainer In Production...

    So what would the penalty be for using a magnet in production outside of the course of fire?
  13. mrpredictable

    Colt Mag seating

    Let me know when you do.
  14. mrpredictable

    Colt Mag seating

    Didn't require any modification, just a pretty solid push with some wiggling . Glock +3/4 basepads.
  15. mrpredictable

    9mm bullet in .380 case

    I found that .380 loaded with a 147 would fire on the second strike in my CZ, not sure why though. I can feel them in my press now