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STI 2011 Right Side Mag Release


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Does anybody have any information or the availability of a Right Side Mag Release for a STI DVC 2011?   I had seen one on youtube that was for a 1911 that was posted 5 years ago.  I don't seem to be able to find one.  Just trying to find out if there is even one available. 

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I’m a lefty and I’ve been wanting to put a right side release on my two 2011s but the problem I’m seeing is mbx mags only have the cutout for the release on the one side, they’re not Ambi. Sti mags have the little window cutout on both sides so it would work with the mag release on either side. For both my 9mm and 40 I have a mix of mbx and sti mags. It doesn’t look like it would be to difficult for someone to cut the hole on the other side of the mags though, but still more work. 


As you can see in the pic here, only the sti mag is ambi, the mbx, and my sps mags are not so the hole would have to be cut on the other side. Again probably not very difficult, but these are expensive mags to make a mistake on. 


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The only grip I know of with lefty friendly controls...


it’s a SV Infiniti steel grip.  I sent all my MBX magazines back to the factory for the ambi cut in them.


I ran the mitchel right side mag catch on my DVC open, and it wouldn’t always drop the magazine. I’d have to manually pull the magazine out on occasion which isn’t conducive to being fast on the clock. 


Lone Star Innovations may eventually make a lefty grip, but not yet. If you pester Glenn enough, maybe he will sooner than later 


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