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  1. Interested in options for this as well
  2. Just picked up a STI gen 2 170MM, put grams springs and followers and a TTI basepad on it and got 29+1 easily the first time I loaded it up. Reliable so far as well
  3. I don't think brand matters as much as keeping the mag springs fresh and keeping feed lips in spec. A few good videos on YouTube about mag tuning (dawson precision/atlas gunworks)
  4. I emailed Mitchel custom 3-4 months ago asking to purchase a few, said he would put me on a list since they were back ordered. MBX now has an option to buy the magazines with a cut out on each side so they are ambi.
  5. I have both, 99% of the time I end up using the medium rangepack for local matches then I strap it to the rangecart for major matches, or ranges with long walks between stages. Plenty of room. My medium one seems like it holds its shape better as well. My large one has started to collapse a little bit.
  6. Check the tiny screws on your trigger guard that attach the trigger guard part of your grip to the frame and make sure they are tight, mine backed out just a tiny bit during a match and caused the gun to not lock into my alpha X.
  7. Central florida rifle and pistol club match 20140615 122530: http://youtu.be/djP_rmTze-Y
  8. Local match a couple weeks ago.. http://youtu.be/jJ1e-Wah38I
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