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DLC v. PVD v. Nitride for CZ CTS


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I have a CZ Custom CTS.  I know the slide is blued.  Not sure what coating the frame has.  The more I read on all these different coatings the more I become unsure about what I want or what truly is best.  I have a DLC finish on my Atlas Nemesis.  Its really nice, smooth, and slick.  Would it also be as smooth and slick for the CZ CTS or will it show imperfections in the frame?  Same question applies to Nitride or PVD.  


I'd like to finish the entire gun to include the controls, hammer, and barrel.  It has too have a very uniform/smooth finish.  It needs to look better than it does now.  


Could a DLC or Nitride be done in the neighborhood of $150 and where do you folks recommend I send it too?  Primary Machine has come up a lot in discussions.




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