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  1. huskerlrrp

    DLC v. PVD v. Nitride for CZ CTS

    I've had really good luck with IonBond DLC on mine... The flash made this look a little two tone but normally does not appear this way.
  2. huskerlrrp

    Maybe my first problem with my TSO?????

    I do the weapon after every use but maybe the old infantryman in me is obsessive. Prior to kids, they didn't even make it into the safe until they were cleaned. Now they get done over a few days after the fact. Magazines depend on the conditions they were last used in. I'll let them go 3-5 times if not dropped in the dirt but always after a match. I'd like the hear the argument of a properly cleaned and lubricated weapon over a dirty one. I think some people consider it a right of passage to neglect their weapon and still have it function. I'd rather treat it with respect.
  3. huskerlrrp

    CZ TS upgrades

    IonBond DLC has held up on mine with a Double Alpha holster (insert needed slight fitting). I went with a CZ Custom large mag well and then blended it to the frame. I hard anodized it in black afterwards. I also used their flat trigger. For grips I use LOK Bogies or CZ factory plastic coated with silicon carbide. I'd say this is totally up to personal preference.
  4. huskerlrrp

    Grip profile similar to factory rubber grips

    LOK has a 20% off special running from the 4th of July to the 8th of July, but it counts for a belated Canada D'eh as well code: LOK4TH
  5. huskerlrrp

    shadow2- need some trouble shooting

  6. huskerlrrp

    Shadow 2 double action issue

    I'd say your disconnector isn't fitted correctly as stated above. Hopefully just a few swipes with a diamond file or stone or a chamfer. Check out the animation on the link below. It's helped me visualize when I run into fitting problems. I put dykem or sharpie on the action surfaces and look for rubbing or lack of rubbing as well. https://www.czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=73586.0
  7. huskerlrrp

    Mag Tuning

    I run the extra power extractors in my 40S&W CZs. Not sure if it's necessary, but a trend I follow after one with issues.
  8. huskerlrrp

    How Do I Build a Spring Jig?

    I just measure the wire diameter and number of coils when I'm confused. If you have a measurement, I can compare to my stock. Factory is typically 16lb. I haven't checked the math but this place has an online calculator. Interesting enough, they don't correlate with the Cajun and CZ Custom values. https://www.thespringstore.com/spring-calculator.html For example a Cajun 11lb (yellow) comes out to be @3.1lb/in spring rate and 9.6lbF, and a gray (14lb) is 4.3lb/in and 11.7lbF.
  9. huskerlrrp

    CZ 75 Lower

    I was looking for the same and even these beat up imports to work on. I ended up buying a CZ SP01 that only had two magazines through it and a new CZ75 SA. I sold the complete slide assemblies pretty quickly. In the end it was a lot easier.
  10. huskerlrrp

    Maria Gushchina limited edition

    I wouldn't mind a hard chrome Shadow 2, but I'll pass. I have enough problems with guns and my wife that I don't need to bring home a bright strange one with a tramp stamp on the frame and another woman's name all over it.
  11. huskerlrrp

    Czechmate Grips

    They are the same profile as standard CZ75. You can trim them yourself, or LOK will make them shorter for you. I found when I had LOK do a pair, I needed a couple swipes with a file before I could get the magwell on. VZ could also offer this service...just not sure.
  12. huskerlrrp

    TS Grip Modification

    Notice on this video he has a jig/guide for his vertical lines. If you have some vice grips with flat pads you can get a piece of flat stock on there and make it work without a dedicated jig like he has. I should have done a modification of the undercut like him as well to have them come out cleaner. I'm sure you can do it.
  13. huskerlrrp

    New Shadow 2 with new cuts inside

    stress relief....somehow.
  14. huskerlrrp

    TS Grip Modification

    This is a 40S&W but I have a 9mm conversion barrel (doesn't get used though).
  15. huskerlrrp

    Shadow 2 Lok Grips & Magwell

    Do you run the standard Springer Precision pads or just the 140mm SP pads?