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G34 Gen 5 Mag release


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I agree they are too short.  I have installed the factory extended mag releases in mine.  There are compatible with the Gen 4/5 guns.  Its like a $6 part and probably only 1/6"" longer.  I am not into super extendo controls anyway like on some guns.  


If your interested:





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I don't really like talking negatively about a product I've personally never tried so I won't but I will say two shooters I know both had issues with all metal releases after heavy use and went back to all plastic.  The one I saw up close looked like it was damaging the notch in the mags themselves where it locks in.

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I have the NDZ Performance Gen 5 extended mag release for my G34 Gen 5. They sell a couple different lengths. Mine is most extended. It is aluminum.  $15.  I have not noticed any problems with it, but I have only put a couple hundred rounds through the gun since installing it.  Good purchase and extended enough to get on it well.

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