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Bad form - lunging at targets during stage shoot


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Been shooting SCSA for 1 year.  RFPO and OPN.  I've had at least 4 people come up to me ( at different unrelated matches ) and tell me that when shooting the OPN gun, as the string progresses, I lean over and lunge and outstretched arms more and more with each target.  Most pronounced in a fast stage like smoke and hope, but apparently I do it alot in most. 


I'm an A shooter in RFPO and B in OPN.  I do it less in RFPO, but probably still there.  OPN must border on the ridiculous and it is a no wonder my back is hurting at the end of a match.  OPN times are also not improving despite alot of dryfire and matches.


I recognize I want body to be like a tank turret and rotate my upper body from target to target, but not sure how to break what seems to be a bad habit. 


Idea, pointers ?   strap  a stick to my arse ? 


Current plan is to video myself and presumably I'll be so embarrassed by what I see that it forces change.

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18 hours ago, cityofthesouth said:

What makes it bad?


In general, the more unnecessary body movement you add, the more time you add.  In a game where hundredths of a second are important, being as efficient as possible makes a difference.

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