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  1. Yep, if memory serves, that is correct. ETA: I looked it up real quick and yes, you are correct. I have been using a technique where I am seating the magazine with my left hand as normal but maintain grip of the magazine and use it to transition the gun to my left shoulder. Right hand goes to the handguard, then left hand moves to grip.
  2. I shot this one last month at an all classifier match in PCC. I shot this one 100%, 6.7HF. This is the only 100% I got that day and the only stage I felt was as smooth as I am capable of shooting. I really think that's all it boiled down to. I shot all As and hit the landing and reload. Transitions felt good. It was later in the day and even though I had been practicing weak hand shooting, this was the only stage that it felt "good". I then promptly butchered the next stage.
  3. I shot this last month in PCC at 84%. It is a tricky one and this was my first all classifier match, but super fun for a classifier I thought. I ultimately shot it correctly but did have a brain fade remembering which middle target I had already shot on string 1 even though I thought I had burned it in. Also, I got real carried away on the rearward movement on string 2 and came clear out of the shooting area, had to correct and finish shooting. I think those two things cost me enough time to keep me out of Master territory. On the second string I shot 3 targets, reload 4th target, then move. It would be interesting to try it different ways for sure but I figured that my rearward reload wouldn't be as solid as standing, and assuming I could make up for it with wicked speed is what made me totally miss my mark and step out of the shooting area. I ultimately made Master that day but this stage was fun enough and interesting enough that it's one I would have liked another shot at.
  4. 98.44% PCC - last couple matches I just used a single 33rd mag for the entire stage most of the time. I take 2 mags to the line because I have a bad habit of calling a miss on an edge hit based on my dot and double tapping a target, so if I don't have 6 or 7 rounds left on string 5 I'll swap. I don't think I've had a single match shooting PCC where I didn't do that at least once or twice. Any of you guys have this problem? It's cost me a good run multiple times. There isn't time to wait for the sound or even see the impact ... just something I need to work on. I dunno, my gun weights 6lbs on the dot empty so I don't really notice the weight difference I guess. I do notice it a lot more shooting plastic pistols though and I'm far less confident that I'll have 5 shot strings so I change mags at least a couple times in that case.
  5. Guy I know got one that would come apart slowly while shooting. If memory serves the barrel/forend would rotate slightly and then prevent the bolt from going fully into battery. I at least got to witness the "malfunctions" at a Steel Challenge match, but didn't get to handle it personally. He sent it back to Ruger (I believe he said twice), they said it was fine, the outfit he bought it from offers a satisfaction guarantee and eventually just refunded his money.
  6. Do you by chance know what weight buffer came in it?
  7. At the local place I shoot the USPSA guys seems to straight up dislike the idea of PCC and build stages accordingly. For perspective, last time I shot USPSA pistol they used every single wall the club has. I had to throw together a stage at the last minute that morning when someone backed out and there was essentially nothing left to use. There were lots of tight quarters with a maze of walls that were difficult to move a carbine around in, and short pistol shots to avoid any PCC advantage. Still, I think there were a few other PCC shooters out that day. I thought the stages were pretty fun just because they had a different flavor from MG, but I got the impression that there was an effort to foil the PCC shooters. I broke an extractor on my second stage and ended up shooting my pistol anyway. Our Multigun stages have a lot more going on and are much more wide open, making the PCC a lot more fun. But they also typically have a 200 or 250 yard stage that keeps me from using mine until I can suck less at those ranges with a 9mm carbine. Occasionally though, the MG matches only go to 100 yards, which I think is an effort to let the PCC guys come out and play but I don't see a big PCC attendance there either. ETA: Just checked the scores from Saturday, where the longest shot was 100 yards, not a single PCC shooter. Tons of people, including myself shoot PCC at the Steel Challenge matches there but I think PCC is a lot more fun in an action oriented match.
  8. I dunno if it's meant to solve anything real, more like perceived problems in just one person's opinion. Smaller clubs in my area have tried different approaches at a "production" division but I agree, it would be bothersome to fiddle with at a real match. I think it sounds more complicated than it really is though - a standard carbine/rifle buffer and spring. I pictured it less as something to be enforced and more as a way to protect shooters in that division. Everything can and will be gamed, but I tried to make it difficult by making it defined. It's not as if anyone checks anyone's equipment at the club matches I've participated in anyway. A primary concern to me is clubs without a lot of money and shooters without a lot of money and specifically why I said it is an Outlaw concept, most of which can be ignored for the purposes of this thread. The goal is not to solve an existing problem or void anything, because I think each brand of multigun should carry on as it is if it's working, but just to have something else entirely. I don't see much reason to change or attempt to change USPSA Multigun or 3GN rules. @USCSBarney Hey, just throwing it out there for something to talk about. It is just by coincidence that one of my divisions addresses slide-mounted red dots and that's about the only relevance here. I've been a member of a number of forums over the years and those snarky types are found in every single one. They're all the same, easy to ignore.
  9. Practical 3-Gun.pdf Long time lurker of course - interested in divisions quite a bit myself. To the point that I decided to start writing various Outlaw match rules and divisions of my own. Writing them out really helps to find the flaws and I am sure there are still many but I've attached (not sure what that does so this is a test run) a pdf of the current 3-Gun version. It's meant to be an Outlaw match so some of it doesn't apply to the theme of this thread but the divisions I think do. I've been shooting a P09 with a red dot in open at my local club for a couple seasons now and it works out just fine for me at the club level but I don't think it's really viable for someone who is competitive at major matches. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ycuNhhoji1vyJtA30C7EKSJz7dtjBQ_J/view?usp=sharing Practical 3-Gun.pdf
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