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Rearward Blast on Venom 9mm Comp?

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Hi all!  For anybody who is running a Venom 9mm comp (https://www.venomdd.com/collections/all/compensator?variant=40356728916), how much rearward directed blast are you getting out of it?  I'm doing a build with a 14" carbon fiber handguard and would like to use this comp pinned on a 14.5" barrel, but that would put the leading side ports pretty close to the tips of the forearm.  I don't want to risk damage.  My other choice is the fortis comp (https://fortismfg.com/ar15-fortis-muzzle-brake-9MM-nitride-28), which I think would be okay as I've watched some high speed video of that brake and it actually looks like most of the blast is directed forward, but I think the Venom may be a better comp.  I'm not so sure about the Venom side ports risking damage, though, or if the 9mm blast is even substantial enough to be concerned about it.  Help?  Thanks, J

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4 hours ago, Acer2428 said:

The amount of pressure you're getting out of a comp at 14"+ is tiny. 


I run a 6" bbl with a taccom extension w/ a port under a Lancer HG. Zero issues. You can hold your hand over it.


Acer2428, is this a solid carbon fiber handguard with the port blowing directly against it?  If so, that's absolute proof to me that I won't have much to worry about.


3 hours ago, TonytheTiger said:

I have the same set up as Acer2428 but on a 4.5" barrel. No problems with putting my hand over it, I bet with a 14.5" barrel there's nothing to worry about.

Acer and Tony, this has always been my thought regarding 9mm PCC comps, but not owning one to experiment with I can't know for certain.  Ironically, of course, I'm looking to pay good money put a comp on my new upper.  I just don't want to make a mistake by permanently affixing one if it will harm my carbon fiber handguard over time. 

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On a barrel that long your muzzle pressure will be almost nothing by the time it reaches your comp. especially if it is a blowback system.  Of course it’s just an opinion but I’d buy a cheap comp and spend the savings on something more worthwhile  

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