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What’s the Hot New Guiderod?


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I’m thinking I need to upgrade the guiderod in my G17 CO gun. What’s everyone using now? I know tungsten was the thing to have a few years back, but is that still the case?


I'm wanting to get some weight on it. 

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1 hour ago, Aircooled6racer said:

Hello: I am going to use a tungsten guide rod and a heavy slug in the grip. Heavy base pads should be all I need in my G17. Thanks, Eric


What slug are you looking at? I thought about trimming a Seattle to match the grip profile, but I can’t find one for a gen 4. 


I’ll probably just do some redneckery with a plastic grip plug and some #9 shot in the backstrap. 

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I run a stainless steel 13lb recoil spring from the  Glock Store in my g34. It works great as far as I can tell. For carry optics, try the tungsten one, it is really heavy in the gen 4 version from the way it looks. 

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