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Para open gun


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CR Speed world shoot model is adjustable for various trigger guards and i used one for my old open Para :) for other speed holsters i think any for 1911 style trigger guard should work for a Para? 

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I had a para p16 that fit nicely in my old racer holster didn't fit perfect but could of used it. Also tried it in a Guga Ribas Ernie hill holster that one worked better.

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On 3/4/2018 at 6:26 AM, Jerrymarsh said:

Ok I pulled my old open gun out of moth balls YES ITS A Para.. whats a good Holster to buy now for a Para

not all 2011 ones will work


Thanks a Old man

I dealt with 2 different vintage Para frames (~94 and 98). The fore and aft thickness of the curved trigger guard was different. Any holster that relies on pinching the TG on the front side is a crap shoot. Both the Ghost and DARM (non-magnetic) worked, sort of. I had to get an undercut block from Saul and custom cut the DARM.  A solid fit in the Ghost required tweaking the nylon screws. The CR speed was probably the most stable, due mostly to the muzzle platform.

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The old pinned ghost holster worked great with my para, the down side is you have to drill a small hole in front your trigger guard for the pin for the unlocked retention

ive also heard good thing about the new guga ribas 

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