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Foot fault???


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I had a RO question a stage I shot.. that I can't find in the rule book.... 10.2.1 or ???....Speed stage...There were 3 shooting boxes and you went a,b,c....He said  I had one foot in the box and the other in the air entering  the box, shot once but had 2nd. foot in the box way BEFORE I shot any of  rest of the remaining  targets  I thought this was legal as the array was shot was finished with both feet in the box?.... I see this as a very difficult call as some shooter's are WAY fast and you really can't tell if BOTH feet were in the box prior to shooting while moving from box to box....

I've also have seen  a few shooters arrive at a barricade with both feet in the barricade lean out of a barricade with one foot in the barricade and one foot in the air for a difficult shot (usually the last or most difficult to see)  realizing they would incur a penalty IF the foot in the air touched the ground IF they missed the target and continued to shoot with one foot in and one foot on the ground........(one foot in box and one foot in the air after BOTH feet were in the box/barricade)....What say you?????

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Well, that's what I thought... There was about 2 feet between boxes AND I made sure I had one foot in each box before I started shooting and the other was close behind....

.. I searched UPSA rules and really did not find the specifics... IS the "rule" clearly defined ????...This is a steel  match and UPSA "rules" are followed... I wasn't penalized but there was discussion.

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2 minutes ago, mike NM said:

I wasn't penalized but there was discussion.

There shouldn't have been any discussion on something so basic. To me it doesn't get any clearer than this:

10.2.1 A competitor who fires shots while any part of their body is touching
the ground or while stepping on an object beyond a Shooting Box or a
Fault Line, or who gains support or stability through contact with an
object which is wholly beyond and not attached to a Shooting Box or
Fault Line, will receive one procedural penalty for each occurrence.
However, if the competitor has gained a significant advantage on any
target(s) while faulting, the competitor may instead be assessed one
procedural penalty for each shot fired at the subject target(s) while
faulting. No penalty is assessed if a competitor does not fire any shots
while faulting, providing doing so does not violate ( or 3.2.6)
Shots fired after completely (both feet out and touching the ground)
leaving a shooting area will be penalized one penalty per shot until the
competitor establishes a presence in a new shooting area with at least
one foot on the ground inside the shooting area.

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