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  1. Correct, no need for a name, let me rephrase it Was the RM an NROI guy, a range master, or a CRO/RO doing the job? My point is the RO is responsible to have the shooter in the correct position before he pushes the button. If the RO makes a mistake he can stop the shooter and start over.
  2. <<The RO stated that since the buzzer went off, he was not able to stop the competitor and it was a creeping procedural. The RM backed up the RO's call on this.>> Who was the RM? One of the NROI guys? Was he a range master? The RO should not start the shooter if they are not in the correct position. As an RO I can stop the shooter for going too early. Just stop the shooter and let him get set again.
  3. I have one and it's pretty nice. I have no idea who made it. Pretty standard size parts.
  4. Please don't fix production, there is no need.
  5. And send all the guys with .40 limited guns to the gun shops to buy a new 9mm limited gun. Lets not and say we did.
  6. At a match, any time any muzzle, not in a holster, goes uprange it's a DQ.
  7. It should be "if they know you've broken 180" I would like to see it from start to finish. I too like the drop the mag turn, run, turn, load sequence
  8. If the wall was in the shooting area, no problem, not in the shooting area procedural penalties per shot happen as it sounds like a significant advantage. I think the guys set it up so people will fly because of the cool pictures.
  9. Yes, PCC is an issue on picking up the shots but only the last ones. Most of the time you can stay pretty close if you pay attention.
  10. If you don't plan ahead you will get caught. When you start to run someone on a stage you need to have a plan on how to stay out of the way. On that stage I am not going to get close to the shooter at all. I will have 7 to 10 yards to execute my escape plan. Even Speedy isn't that fast. On this one, there were a ton of clues that he was going to go back up range. You need to watch the gun but tunnel vision is an issue.
  11. Other than the fact that you let him get behind you you stopped him that was OK. As to using 10.3 that just would't work. You need a specific rule.
  12. Not sure I care about the recognition part but I really don't like it when people shoot 2 divisions at the same time. Shot a match that allowed it and our squad had 4 people shooting pistol and PCC. 10 person squad, 4 people not able to help as they were shooting two divisions = a royal PITA for the other 6 folks. I won't shoot any more matches where this is allowed.
  13. I think JodiH has the correct answer and rule. 5.1.7 seems to be pretty clear, either replace your "handgun" which I will assume is now "gun" that fits the same division. I don't see a way to bump to another division due to an equipment change. The RM isn't going to approve you using a pistol in PCC and if you just switch it's a 10.6
  14. IMHO to save yourself some trouble having the whole butt above the belt is a good idea. That 1/2" makes little or no difference.
  15. This seems pretty descriptive. The heel is the word that you need definition on? The drop offset type holster is allowed in production Division as long as the heel of the butt of the gun is above the belt per and the rest of the criteria are met. A holster with the heel of the butt of the handgun below the top of the belt, except as specified in Appendix D, or otherwise indicated in Rule 5.2.8. defines that you can't start in this condition. I take the heel as the back of the bottom of the grip so for me to start you the back of bottom
  16. Pretty sure what he meant was he could shoot the major gun as fast as the minor gun and just as accurate as long as his fundamentals were really good. When he didn't get a great grip or was in an odd position the major gun was harder to shoot.
  17. We have a top 16 type GM that shoots production at our local club. He took some time and shot Limited Major. As he put it he can be a bit sloppy with grip and stance shooting minor but not with major.
  18. I couldn't disagree more. It is harder to shoot a major PF load than a minor one. Why take away the option to choose to shoot something softer for fewer points, or something harder for more? What does it hurt? SS has a really good formula, you get 2 extra rounds shooting minor, or more points shooting major. Then people get to choose extra rounds or extra points. Choice is good.
  19. The issue has to be legal in Open. This is the open rule on holster placement from the appendix. 10 Max. distance of handgun and mags/speed loaders from inner side of belt Handgun and Mags - 2” However, if a competitor fails to satisfy the equipment or other requirements of a declared Division during a course of fire, the competitor will be placed in Open Division, if available, other-wise the competitor will shoot the match for no score. The problem is issue didn't allow them in open either so they would shoot for no score. As to the zero for the stage
  20. <<Are competitors allowed to score targets for an ro after they finish shooting a stage?>> L2's generaly have dedicated RO's. I have never been to an L2 where the shooter was scoring targets. At a L2 you can expect to be stopped if you run around with your finger in the trigger guard.
  21. If the gun has an external safety, you have a choice, if not you have to start hammer down.
  22. Pretty sure he is just talking about bragging rights at the locals. Some open shooters think its a big deal to get high overall at a local even though they have a large advantage over Limited and even larger over the 10 round divisions. Add PCC in the mix and they get grumpy as their ability to always win HOA at a local is being challenged. I would love to see a way to handicap the divisions, say 18% to Limited, 25% to production etc.
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