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Yes, most of the internals are the same as the metal frame guns, just housed in a removable metal insert in the plastic frame. Working on them requires pulling that insert out to access the pins to remove some of the parts

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7 minutes ago, ARy said:

With the witness, you can absolutely get the same trigger as a S2 tuned w PD parts. Only difference is, the bolo needs a little fitting. But I've done many witness steel models, with excellent results.

The polymer... having to deal with the insert, getting the hammer pin in, etc... horrible.

Thanks for the info. I want a new da/sa but my 2011 trigger has me spoiled I know I'd need something very nice to compare.

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So all of the PD springs would work on a Witness Carry polymer Tanfo?  What about the PD firing pins?  I am still thinking of picking one up, but want to be sure I can work on it before I do.

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