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Expand case more?


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Yes you need more flare with your expansion. If you are using the flare tool in the bottom of your powder drop,you will need to screw the whole thing in about a half of a round at a time until you reach satisfaction

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It would appear from the picture that they are coated bullets.

look like blue bullets. When I loaded those for a friend I got some blue(but not that much) no matter what I did since I was using MBF. Blue bullets are tender. Guy who shot them said they didn't smoke more than usual so I guess it didn't hurt them much.

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What caliber? And what is the outer diameter of your flared cases?

40 cal. I didn't measure them, but I expanded them more and it seems to have solved it, But just for my information, is there a "spec" or ideal amount that the expanded case mouth should measure?

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