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Glock 17/19 MOS


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At least the 17 MOS exists in Europe, but hasn't been offered for sale in the US yet. Based on prior years, I'd expect a leak of what's being announced at SHOT show a week or two before it starts :goof:

It's not letting me imbed a pic from photobucket for some reason, here's a link to a pic of the 17 MOS:


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I have a Glock 32 with an RMR milled in. With the 9mm conversion barrel, it's a 19 MOS. I'm not sure why they didn't make shorter slide versions sooner, I feel like shorter guns benefit more from a mini red dot than longer sight radius versions. but maybe for hunting and not competitions. I'm actually thinking of selling it since it's my only Glock anymore, as I transition to 2011/1911s

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