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  1. Lack of a goal or too much work ... for me lately it’s been too much work
  2. I’ve never listened to music during the stage but love to before and after. Personally I think anything that prevents you from “over focusing” is a good thing
  3. Hello from the Tampa Bay area
  4. ETTS is a cool place, lots of shooting options there
  5. its possible the federal was still rather under supersonic as the ambient air temps effect the speed of sound i use CCI standard. It stays subsonic in everything I have tested it in Florida. It’s fairly priced and accurate enough for what I need it to do.
  6. Lots of shooting clubs/ranges in Florida. Where in the state are you located?
  7. This was done a few years ago at the Monster Match at Universal Shooting Academy ... lots of fun.. I quick YouTube search would bring up some video
  8. I know it's rare as I've heard there was less than 100 made (heard 57 once but not sure if that accurate) and unique as well it's a 6" sight tracker but what's it worth? I'm thinking it should stop taking up space in the safe as it hasn't been shot much at all in the last two years but I'm hearing various values when asking around.
  9. I didn't see this posted yet, maybe I missed it. April 7-9 at Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof FL http://universalshootingacademy.com/matches/3-gun-championship/ http://www.matchsignup.org/match/default.php?matchid=975
  10. Hey Sarge, make sure you pack your pistols. Ancient City shoots on the 4th Saturday but If you decide to come down to the Tampa Bay Area we shoot Tuesday's and Friday's and 4th Sunday. If you like golf and are ok with not having a ocean view you can stay inland at the Renaissance World Golf Village
  11. Tampa is a great place for USPSA, lots of clubs with in a hour or 2
  12. Can you send me some pictures and more details please. I am very interested in the package. 

  13. This is not for sale yet! I'm looking for help with the value before I post it for sale. I'm looking at this press and it simply doesn't get used. I bought it to process 300blk and lost interest in the round. I have the 1050 in 223 $1823 The tool head was sent to Texas brassworks For milling with the spacer and washer $109 Forcth variable speed conversion $1600 Dillon RT1500 $330 300blk trim die $176 Lee universal decap die $14 Didn't use it much, converted a couple thousand rounds and they kinda just walked away from it. The powder funnel from it has received the most use as I pulled it to use on a different press when that funnel from that press broke. Iso with out a powder funnel what's it worth? I'm confused as I've seen them for for very little under original cost to huge discounts compared to original cost.
  14. Pizzim

    Hey All

    Welcome from Tampa Bay
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