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Been lurking around for a while and finally decided to join in on the fun. I've been shooting a 4in 625 at local USPSA matches for a while. Got a few dollars set aside and now it's time to think of a more competition friendly holster than the Galco holster with a thumb snap.

What are some options for a left handed holster? I have looked at offerings by most Kydex manufacturers and they don't seem to offer left handed N-frame holsters. There are plenty of left minded holsters for the right handed masses but not too many for the 11% or so of the population who are left handed.

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Welcome aboard !!! :)

If my left brained memory serves me right Blade-tech makes a left handed holster!

If you want to go with a speed rig.... I think CR makes a left handed model too(don't hold me to that though) ;)

Glad to have you here, we need more wheel gun USERS !!!! B)B)B)


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Welcome, fellow southpaw! I've been shooting a 610 and 646 for USPSA and IDPA. Geg at Comp-Tac makes a nice locking paddle holster for the N-Frame. I haven't looked at any speed rigs for revolver since I use the same holster for both.

Spook, I'm not sure how Widebody reloads as a lefty, but here's how I do it.

1. I come across the grip with my right thumb and hit the cylinder release and push the cylinder out with my right fingertips.

2. I slide my right hand back up the gun with the thumb going through the frame hole and the fingertips hitting the extractor rod while I'm reaching for the moonclip with my left hand. It's almost the reverse of how they taught us to reload revolvers when I was a cop in the USAF. (Of course, that reload was for right handers.)

3. The right thumb and fingertips stabilize the cylinder while dropping the moonclip in, then the right fingers close the cylinder while the left hand goes back to the grip.

4. After closing the cylinder, the right hand slides back to the right side of the gun as I'm coming back on target.

I'm sure someone has a similar technique but that's what I came up with and it works for me for both moonclips and sppedloaders.


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Thanks all for your response... It sounds like I need to decide whether or not I want a speed rig or a more competion friendly tactical rig. Will have to save few more nickles, dimes and quarters if I want to buy a Limcat holster.

Regarding how I reload, it's very similar to COF's reload. The main difference is that instead of using my thumb to unlatch the cylinder, I rotate my grip on the gun as I bring it down to reload and push the latch with my trigger finger. Rest is same -- insert right thumb through the frame, dump the empties while grabbing for a fresh moon clip with my left hand...

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Another southpaw reporting in...

My reload technique is the same as COFs except I use my right thumb to push the cylinder out. This places the thumb where I want it, to be able to let the fingertips push the extractor rod as my left hand reaches for the new clip.


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