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How to stiffen thumb safety ?


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e-mishka and bamboo,

Take the safety out and remove the sear assembly.

Where the safety goes into that pocket , the detent ball locks in and out of two dimples that are split apart in somewhat of a Y shape if you will.

Take a very tiny, fine needle file, and clean and slightly round those individual areas slowly, stay away from the little divider in the middle, between the two.

Gently remove a little material at a time and check often. You can easily check it without putting the sear back , just put the one side of the safety back in and see if it is starting to click tighter when changing positions.

The other option is to buy a new safety with a new detent ball. A little more pricey but may give you a more positive lock.

Best of luck.

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Sorry for the bad picture taking.

Those two small pockets , facing forward , where the detent ball sits, can be rounded slightly to help give a more positive click into position.

Best of luck.


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I added material to the detent itself (via tig). I would avoid removing material from the frame.

If you look at the inside of the frame when the safety is installed you can see that soft feel is due to the detent being to far inside of the frame. It does not ride in the center of the notch.

Making the detent wider caused it to have more surface area engagement with the frame and "click" more like a firm 1911 safety.

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The detents on all my safety's are installed right up against the inside wall of the thumb safety itself.

None of them go completely through into the frame when pushed into position for use.

After a long period of work, they can where down the pointed section of the frame that sticks out in between the two ovals, where the detent ball pockets itself. Giving this mushy , non crisp feeling when engaging or dis-engaging the safety. It's that point in the frame that is rounding off from use.

By cleaning those pockets up just a little bit, ( I'm not saying remove a lot of material ) the detent ball now comes out of the thumb safety itself, just a bit further, giving a little more positive locking feeling when switching positions.

For me, this is what has worked on all my Tanfo's.

bpipe95: your circumstances may have been different, these are off the shelf guns and some are tight and some not so much. You may have needed to add the material to get your result.

Be careful adding material and making it too wide, that may hamper the trigger bar from smoothly moving against the frame.

When the sear and safety are removed, watch how far the trigger bar moves to the rear, and in some instances even partially covers the bottom oval opening where the safety detent ball rests.

But the detent ball also is being worked around and does loosen over time too.

IMHO in the end a completely new safety may give you the best results.

Cleaning up the pockets slightly will help if you do not want to spend the money right now on a new one,

and will also not affect a new safety if you pick one up at a later time. Which I have done too.

Disclosure : This is just from my own experience, and I'm not recommending to anyone to do this.

Please Do Not attempt if your not comfortable working on your own gun.

I was just trying to make a suggestion of what might help the mushy feeling on a safety.

Best of luck.

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