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  1. Hi all, this is is a bit late but it's better than Never... Rochester Brooks Practical Shooters - 3rd Annual InvitationalEight-stage (195+ rounds) single-day format.Clubhouse facilities available at the range. Abundant nearby lodging and travel options. See details, including stage diagrams, at http://www.uspsa7.org/els/ or http://rochesterbrooks.org/.Match Fee is $60.00 and payable the day of or by check with the info found on Practiscore. Cash paybacks to Division winners (four entries minimum required). On top of cash pay outs we will be giving away ~$2600 in random draw gift certificates and prizes. And... Village Gun Sales (a local STI dealer) has sponsored a Factory STI Rep to be on hand for a Pistol demo on Saturday the 19th! This demo day is open to both competitors and non competitors. We only ask that all participants have a valid Pistol Permit. Special pricing and additional discounts are available as well! *Please Note- Demo’s will be $5.00 per gun and the proceeds are going to a raffle for our Match Workers and Volunteers!!! We will also be running the grill from 11am-1pm on Saturday and Sunday giving out free Hotdogs, Hamburgers to all registered shooters! Free Beverages will be available throughout the entire day. https://practiscore.com/rbps-3rd-annual-invitational/register Thanks!
  2. I hesitated on my response due to the op asking about an HMR, but I figured since the actions are the same it was worth sharing. The warranty slip returned with the gun said "adjusted extractor tension". My BMP trigger was a bit of a let down as well but it was the least of my worries.
  3. I will caution you with the brand.... I'm sure there are lots of good ones out there. However, I purchased and sold a bmp after a trip back to the warranty shop due to Accuracy issues and extraction issues. The actions are smooth and the stock was really nice but aesthetics only go so far.. The service was slow but friendly. They had the gun for almost a month after I sent it back after quoting me a 1 week turn around. They did fix the extraction issue. It's also worth noting that this was the first gun I've ever had to send back for warranty work, and it's safe to say I'm not new to the "hobby". So that put a bad taste in my mouth from the get go.... I tried multiple brands, and weights of quality factory match ammo in the gun before and after its trip back to the warranty center. No matter what I did I could not get the gun to perform on the level (accuracy wise) of my existing bolt guns. At at the end of the day they blamed the issues on a burr and a dirty barrel. I couldn't get the gun to shoot half as well as my savage 10,11 and 12. If I worked my ass off it would barely hold 1" at 100 (3shot). Now, they claim "sub Moa" and I could do it occasionally. So I guess they meet their claim. *Its also worth noting that they sent me a "test" target along with my rifle when it was returned. No matter what I did, I could not get it to repeat that performance with any ammo. Even though I could duplicate the level of accuracy with other rifles. If you watch all the reviews, pictures and videos you will notice that they almost always have flyers. In my experience those weren't flyers, they were just a typical group and was to be expected from the gun. So, I came to the realization that I simply expected far to much from the gun due to the cost being so much more than any bolt gun I had ever purchased. So I chose to sell it off and stick with a brand I've had great results from. I will also mention that the brands "fans" are extremely overbearing and if you have anything negative to say, things tend to escalate quickly. So I tried to be as polite as straight forward as possible with my response.
  4. Ran a viper for the past couple months. Absolutely fed up and disappointed with it. Constantly lost zero and those damn lock screws absolutely suck. It's really too bad because it has an awesome form factor... Switching to a DPP and sending this viper back to vortex and selling the NIB replacement. This makes 2 junk vortex products in the past 3 months for me. I think I'm done with them.
  5. Thanks for the link! are any shops doing slide milling on tanfo's ?
  6. Hi, im sick and tired of dealing with my pos viper red dot, and am now ready get the slide milled or find a dovetail mount that works with the delta point pro. Who does it and how much? If the dovetail mounts are still avalible for the delta point pro (or if anyone has one) Please point me in their direction. Thank you! -Brad
  7. Not really. We have one guy that went from open to C/O. He's a member here. It's mostly been production guys that have gone to C/O.
  8. Ive only seen the one guy mentioned in the youtube video above. It's a group in Long Island. Go figure...
  9. Not much at all, and that's why I tried it, I picked up a friends stock 2 and the dot was there instantly so I figured I'd try it... Dot cane, I threw it on, sighted in just before our weekly practice and went at it. The only thing that's difficult for me is weekhand. I can't get the position of the gun right and end up searching for the dot. I will admit that if I dryfired for a week it would be automatic, but I've been very lazy in the dry fire department lately. I will say say that I really wish Bruce still made a delta point pro mount, the vortex is ok, but I'm still trying to figure out why it won't hold zero. I thought I had it last week and while it's better it still shifts slightly.
  10. I've seen that too and im left scratching my head... a belt full of 10 round big sticks makes as much sense as riverboat in a pond. Lots of standard cap mags around here in wny, everyone just has blockers in them. Block your mags, come shoot, return to America and unblock.
  11. Leave your factory springs and drop in a Titan hammer, if you need more you can drop the hammer spring. Caution as a little goes a long way with the Titian in an sao gun. I tried this as an experiment and it's so good in my gun that I left it.
  12. I wonder if if I got a bad one... I'm having a wondering zero problem. Gotta call vortex next week.
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