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Swaro/S&B/Ziess Scope Not vertically tracking


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I was in a new gun store yesterday and ran into a fellow 3G shooter, who also does precision/long range shooting.

The dude behind the counter boasted that the brands mentioned above do not track vertically. Meaning move xnumber of clicks up then same number back down and you will not return to the original point of impact.

The quality of the scopes mentioned I would think otherwise. The dude went on to say, that only USO and NiF are the only ones that do track vertically.

So I then asked if they were talking about the Square, you know the drill, clicks to the left clicks, up, clicks to the right and clicks down. He nope, he then went on to clarify that you really don't notice the not vertically tracking until you get past 600 yards.

Does this sound reasonable?

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I've run tracking tests at longer distances using S&B, Zeiss and Premier, as well as a USO SN-3. They all tracked similarly, with remarkably (not really) similar results across the board.

Couldn't tell you anything else about that gun store, but I would be skeptical of that clerk's advice

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A buddy of mine has 2 swarovski z5's,and they will not go back to the same spot if you do the box drill. They will be with in 1/2"of the first shot. But his zeiss is right on all the time, same with my zeiss. My z6i is off a little two. Might be because of the .54"per click.

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